My daughter should be seeking full time employment not being encouraged to sit at home

September 25, 2013

contacted the CSA on 3rd June 2013 when I was informed my daughter had completed her collage course. A she was already 19 when she completed her course she was no longer entitled to have any more Child Benefit paid in respect of her as clearly stated in the HM Revenue &Customs guidance : Child leaves education or training – and is 18 or over Your payments will normally carry on from the date your child leaves education or training that counts for Child Benefit, until the week that includes the earliest of these dates:
• the last day of February
• 31 May
• 31 August
• 30 November

We were told as soon as soon as CB stopped the my CSA payments would cease ,this is not the case .I wrote to them to complain on 1st August 2013, So I called them on 3rd September to be told that I would have to ring again on 23rd September 2013 to give my daughter a chance to register on a collage course.

This as I told them was something she was not entitled to and despite raising a case of fraud twice to the Child Benefit nothing is proactively being done for me to end this.

I don’t know why they simply can’t pick up a phone and contact the collage and ask them for the date her course was finished which will confirm the information I have been supplying them since June.
I am paid up to date and believe the CSA owe me money from 31st May 2013 This is a total farce where the CSA does not understand the legislation when it comes to the end of payments and a loop hole in the welfare system by which from what I have read online is being abused by many single mothers to extend their benefits as long as possible and there seems no way for the absent parent to have any redress.

My daughter should be seeking full time employment not being encouraged to sit at home on her backside so that her Mother doesn’t lose her benefits I am in touch with my MP who has written to both CB and CSA, however I have had a call from CSA today who say I will still have to pay until Feb 2014 now despite my daughter no longer attending collage and working.

Can anyone give me an idea if there s anything else I can do ?


  • karen protheroe says:

    being encouraged not to work is a disease that is spreading with the CSA system, it is the best way to prolong recieving benifits and a huge amount of benefits can be claimed , please if you find your self in these situations …complain to your mp and keep complaining and demand a refund of overpayment , they are responsible to recover overpayments and tax payers please wake up the the expense these people create using children and keep on to you mp to make a change cause the changes this year are worse and people are facing hardship by not correctly having a system that has an independant appeal system .

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