My case proves CSA act unlawfully

May 5, 2016

Those who have had dealings with CMEC – formerly the CSA, will know that they do as they please and routinely act outside the law. My case proves it and is unique because I saw it through to the bitter end – PHSO upheld my complaint. Others are less fortunate.

My case needs to be profiled and retrospective justice sought for those Non Resident Parents who have taken their lives or who are paying far more than they should, has to be sought.

I hope you will support my parliamentary petition and pass it to people who will want to address the dangers and injustices of a gov’t dep’t that acts outside the law

“What action should be taken when CMEC knowingly act unlawfully?”

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

My petition:

What action should be taken when CMEC knowingly act unlawfully?

CMEC applied a variation they knew to be unlawful. They used their full legal capability to enforce the variation and misled the courts. CMEC failed to disclose to ICE and the PHSO who investigated the complaint. PHSO have upheld complaint – Evidence supports complaint is not unique CMEC applied 4 court hearings, a tribunal, have served an arrestment order, considered repossessing my home and instigated debt enforcement. I’ve incurred £40k legal costs. CMEC offered £500 in compensation. I have been driven to despair. Very similar cases have ended in suicide. CMEC routinely act unlawfully and the level of redress is pitiful. Should a gov’t dep’t be allowed to routinely operate outside the law?

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