Me and my ex want a private arrangement but CSA will not listen

August 27, 2011

I have worked all my life and pay my way to my kids!

And they have never wanted until 2yrs ago, i was earning a decent wage until the csa got involved and started taking money from source, they have been taking around £650 a month and maybe more if i do over time they take more and leave us with a take home pay of £1016 a month, i have a partner and two young kids, one of which is autistic and needs 24hr care, we also have my daughter at weekends and during the school holidays, but now we cannot afford to do this anymore or take them out, i have been on to the csa regards payment!! they just didnot care to say the lease, now me and my partner have now had give up our home and give our kids to social services because we can no longer afford to keep a roof over our heads and feed ourselfs, this really breaks our hearts to have to do this, when i got in touce with the csa, they were more concern about the payments and not me and my family, now these tree kids are made to suffer! This is not right, now its costing the system more money to keep my two children in care…..

I am so disgusted in the people that run the csa, to make matters worse my ex does not even see that money they take from me, she has spoken to csa to say she and me have come to an arragement and to stop taking money from me!!! 1 year on they are taking the max they can from my wages, my partner has had a nervous break down because of all this and still the refuse to help us, so now we have lost our home and kids!! Lucky enough we love each other and are still together dispite all that has gone on. SHAME ON YOU ALL AT THE CSA AND THANK YOU FOR BREAKING A PERFECT CARING FAMILY.


  • joanne says:

    You need to see an mp asap, if your ex wants an arrangement then she has to close the case, why isn’t she doing this for you? Social services should also be acting on your behalf, why haven’t they written to the csa?? Start standing up to the bullies x

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