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Lying About Income & Number Of Children

My ex lies about his income as he works for a ‘friend’ and only declares half his income, he takes his own work in the garage he works at and makes more money on that and now he is saying his new partners son lives with them. I told the CSA this child (age18) had moved out some weeks ago but because he has a child benefit book thats all the proof he needs. So part from tax evasion he is defrauding the benefits system too.

If he had not lied so much including in court over our house I would not have been had over for such a large amoutn in the divoces settlement. I may sould bitter but glad to be rid of the cheat but he has and still is doing depriving my children – all csa money goes on them.

Any help or advice would be greatfully received.

One thought on “Lying About Income & Number Of Children

  1. You have to decide on whether you want to report him for tax evasion and/or benefit fraud.

    Try going on CSA – If we have to pay, we want our say, on Facebook. You will find like minded parents there, some of whom have had success in getting their CSA payments increased.

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