Loss of my child caused by CSA

August 17, 2011

I am a non resident parent who dissapeared abroad.

I was ex military, then spent 16 years as a prison officer before becoming self employed.

I fought the Child Support Agency for 6 years. For one child I was meant to pay 15% of my earnings. The calculations by the Child Support Agency reached as high as 90% of my earnings.

The CSA refused to accept copies of my bank statements or Income Tax returns and stated all information had to come from the resident parent.

I tried to fight the Child Support Agency through the Court but I was told by the Magistrate to “sit down and be quiet, if the Secretary of State says you owe money, then you owe money”. The Child Support Agency does not have to explain there calculations therefore if you are the father of the child you are guilty and a Court Liability Order is issued. At the end of 2009 the Child Support Agency was given new powers and could directly issue Liability Orders bypassing the court.

I tried to enlist help at four big law firms in Doncaster and was shown the doors, one solicitor that would talk to me advised me that as long as I had property I would not be left alone. I attended the Citizens Advice Bureau in Thorne and was told that there was nothing they could do for me. They said the Child Support Agency was a law unto themselves and that legal firms had stopped taking the cases because they could not win.

With the help of my father we wrote to everybody we could think of from the Ombudsman to the Priminister to no avail as all letters directed us back to the Child Support Agency.

In 2010 the Child Support Agency took out a court order on my property in Doncaster. The next step would be to force the sale of the property and take the proceeds. This action would also close my self employed business as I would have no where to store my stock.

The Child Support Agency is responsible for suicides as fathers are left with no finances and no hope. The only other option currently left to fathers is to leave the country and disappear. The Child Support Agency has and is trying to have passports automatically removed to stop this happening.

Realising that my property was about to be pulled from under me along with it my business, I sold everything I could and chose to disappear. I now live abroad and will not return to the UK. At best the future for me in the UK would have been a bed-sit on the DHSS and no money to take my daughter out, at worst a prison sentence for non payment of money I could not afford and did not owe..

I love my daughter very much and do not believe I took an easy way out. I keep in touch with my daughter by email, and still support her financially.

My daughter was and is my greatest gift and I miss her everyday.

I currently hold a three inch file verifying all the above and my story in great detail.

My point is that a very corrupt and unfair system has seperated many children from loving fathers.


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  1. Karl Garrett on August 17th, 2011 4:00 pm

    I feel your pain……..& well done for finding the escape route.

  2. John on August 17th, 2011 6:11 pm

    It is a sorry state of affairs when parents are driven away from their children, by playground bullies at the CSA.

    NRP’s are continually stigmatized as being feckless and called ‘worse than drink drivers’.

    One day there will be a successful challenge to this unlawful system, and we will all be queueing up for justice and compensation and to have these corrupt officials thrown in jail!

  3. terry norris on August 18th, 2011 9:43 am

    I read your story “loss of my daughter by the csa” and am horrified and scared at the same time that these scumbags are destroying lives and seem un touchable.
    I was nearly in tears reading your story and I am a man.
    what will it take to stop these bullie scumbags called the csa???
    A suicide of a cornered and desperate father that sees no way out…???
    maybe then some court in the land will put an end to the destruction these fucking assholes cause.

    ps: I am forced to pay £320 month deducted from my earnings and I hear so many horror stories of the csa dreaming up arrears out of the blue and dont even tell you how or why when you ask..the bastards are a law unto themselfs and HAVE to be stopped.

    My dealings with them has only just begun and im dreading it turning into a nightmare. I will leave the country and never return if they start screwing me left right and centre.what else can you do? Maybe give up work and never work again in fear of them cleaning you out? .They give honest fathers no choice.Some of these mothers just see the kids as cash machines.
    I hate them and have so much venon for the csa

  4. Maurice Milsom on August 18th, 2011 2:12 pm

    Hi Terry.

    All separated fathers should be afraid as the system is more about making the government money than what’s best for the child.

    Your right if you ever take work using your NI number the CSA will find you. I left the UK at the beginning of June 2010 with £40,000 and travelled through half a dozen different countries before settling. I now have a lovely Spanish girlfriend and have been very lucky going into business with an American but I am kept of the books and paid cash.

    I would give anything to see my daughter again but realise that my ex would do everything to have my passport removed when I enter the UK.

    I wish you better luck than I had.

  5. lyn on August 22nd, 2011 12:31 pm

    Everytime I go back on this website I get goose bumbs and it makes me so sad to see the way people are treated.

    My ex Partner went through the same. No Solicitor could help him and these so called CSA horrible people took his home. He was left with nothing.

    We had a wonderful relationship and it was destroyed with the stress and like the other comments, he too left the UK to start a new life but unfortunately our relationship couldnt survive a selfish ex wife who hounded us for years. All she wanted was money, money, money. Now she has got her money I hope she is happy but she has destroyed the most important thing and that was the relationship their Father had with them.

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