Kerry Katona’s husband, Mark Croft, avoids CSA

February 23, 2010

It seems that it’s not just, the average people on the street, who are having problems with the child support agency. Kerry Katona’s husband, Mark Croft, is also ducking the CSA it appears.

According to news reports, the CSA turned up at Kerry Katona’s house last week looking for Mark Croft to question him about money he allegedly owes them for a child he fathered before he met Kerry.

According to ‘a source’, the couple slipped away from the CSA investigators and instructed a child minder to make their excuses.

The source was reported as saying:

Mark got their childminder to go to the door and tell the CSA staff he wasn’t in. He told her to say that he hadn’t received a letter about a visit. They then handed over a copy of the original letter demanding the meeting.

Mark Croft is accused of lying to the CSA about his earnings, as he told them he earned nothing last year, which means he had no CSA maintenance to pay. However, he was shown on TV stating that he took 20% of Kerry’s salary last year, which was £1.5 million.

Naturally the CSA wants its cut of that sizable pie!

A close friend of the mother of the child whom the CSA are supposedly trying to claim the money in the name of stated:

It is so upsetting for her to see Kerry and Mark on TV and in magazines living the high life while he refuses to pay a penny to his son and pleads poverty.

He’s driving around in a Hummer, while the mother of his child works every hour God sends trying to make ends meet. It just beggars belief.

We at are sure the child support agency will catch up with Mark Croft sooner rather than later. They always tend to go after people who have money, even if it’s not his, it belongs to his wife. They’re quite happy to take from one child (or Kerry’s children) to keep the money themselves and pass a small percentage of it onto another child.