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I’ve taken CSA to court as they bullied me into paying for a child that isn’t mine for 10 years

Ive been fighting the csa for the past 10 years. Ive always denied being the farther of a child yet csa have bullied into taking money i was not om the birth certificate and there was no dna evidence. But after taking the csa and mother to court privately ive now got dna evidence. And guess what im not the farther. The csa failed to do there job correctly and do everything possible to prove. They have admitted liability and miss management of the case. We are now taking legal proceedings against the csa to claim everything back. Were also going to try make a change to there systems on how they conduct cases in the future. Keep eyes open we have media intreasted in this case.

6 thoughts on “I’ve taken CSA to court as they bullied me into paying for a child that isn’t mine for 10 years

  1. About time someone had the balls to do so…Although if it’s the CSA you’re taking to court, then sadly it won’t make much of a change as they have created a new entity in the CMS – which are just as bad.

  2. Ohh ive the clout ive got full support of law society a team of barristers a member of queens council a lord members of parliament and secretary of state hehe

  3. I think you will find it’s impossible to sue the csa under any circumstances it’s the state and exempt from liability I would imagine you would also need the support of 200 plus Lords to get your voice heard or for things to change I just paid up and moved on. Good luck hope you have deep pockets

  4. Good for you, I am also looking to sue as the CSA/CMS they have made me ill
    Due to they lies and backtracking.
    We have to stand up for what’s right the child’s interest !

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