I’ve been paying for a year and 12 weeks too long

November 18, 2014

I am a widow with a 12 year old son. Before my wife was cremated the CSA got in touch with me stating i will have to pay £33.41 for my 18 year old son from my first wife. They started taking it straight away out of my wage. As soon as my son started university I rang the CSA to ask if my payments would stop. On the phone I got ahlady how said thay it would not stop till he is 20 years old and that was that .

I new it would stop at the end of august two months before his 20th . So wones a gen I rang the CSA and asked why the payments had not stopped they said I was not on the list for payments to stop he didn’t now why so he said he will check why and said it will tack a while all the checks can be made now it as been 12weeks and I have not herd nothing I have phoned CSA 4 times in the 12weeks and thay say the same thing I will have towait till they received a letter from his mother and the benefits office.

During this time i was looking at the CSA web page according to them wones a child going to university all payments should stopstop i am not 12 weeks late i am a year and 12 weeks late. Can eney one help me . Thanks


  • bob says:

    Sue them. Small claims plus damages.

    Step 1 write a letter giving 28days to reimburse you
    Step 2 when they don’t raise an n1 claim form for what you are owed plus £500 for good measure

  • Dana says:

    Call Falkirk and put a stage one complaint in, say that your child started university you have informed the csa give them times and dates you informed them and what staff have said to you.
    You must explain everything, they will do child benefit checks, if he is at uni this won’t be in place, they should close the case and reimburse you. If they don’t please send n a stage two complaint when you get your response. if they do not acknowledge these within two weeks or you get messed around by being given false or incorrect info, write to Jim edwards csa director, if you not happy after that you can go to independent case examiner.
    I have been fighting the csa for my husband for years they are incompetent and lie. Keep a good log of events if he is at uni you will get it back.
    I won all my cases by the way and 25 grand back 😆 good luck

  • Simon says:

    As far as I know, CSA doesn’t stop until your ‘Child’ is out of full time education. He/She can be 28, but if they’re still in education, you still have to pay. I may be incorrect, but i’m fairly sure i’m not. It’s just another way of the CSA shafting us without even spitting on it first!!

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