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I’ve been done up like a right kipper

Hi, can anybody help me with this. I seem to have been done up like a right kipper!!!
I have just had a deduction from my wages of £130 for Csa.
I rang them up and after being humiliated on the phone and being patronised like I was a criminal I finally found out that I have over £8000 to pay as my ex partner has said she hasn’t had a penny off me since we parted in 2006.
I tried to put my case across that we didn’t actually part until 2009, did it get me anywhere NO.
So to make a real long story short I have to pay £130 a week for the next year!!! Just to bring my arrears up to date.
I will be handing my notice in at work as that is way to much to pay back, and at the minute will be looking for somewhere cheaper to live and am feeling very down and angry.

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  1. As Sara says, make an appointment with your M.P. Don’t chuck anything in, until you see your M.P., when you do see them, tell them if the payments stand you are chucking everything in and reducing your income.

    Ask your M.P. to obtain proof of any alleged arrears payable from you. If you have documentation of any payments to your ex, take that evidence with you, keep the originals, as the CSA will conveniently lose your evidence.

    Ask your M.P, to point you in the right direction (DWP), for a benefits check on your ex…it’s a two way street.

    Get everything in writing from the CSA, don’t speak to them by phone, and ask that your file is marked no phone contact.

    Good luck. Don’t let this shower run your life for you, fight them all the way. they are an absolute shambles and a disgrace.

  2. @ sarah….yes they still take arrears, don’t know who told you this but look at majority of stories on here to see it isn’t true!

    This guy needs to see his mp and start building up some evidence that you were living with your ex and get the deo lowered….you can do this with help of your mp, we did the same when csa wanted 500.00 a month off of my husband over a case that csa said was resolved, said he couldn’t live so dropped it to 200.00 a month. Worse thing is pwc will be dripped fed these payments but csa want it all.

  3. @ Dave2005 How were the payments to the ex being made? If they were cash payments and the ex has stated that they were not received at all, then you are fairly well stuffed, if they were by bank transfer and clearly marked as maintenance then appeal the decision made by the CSA, the appeal is best done in writing, submitting the evidence, i.e bank statements, it also seems to me that they attempted to clear the arrears within 12 months, so two things here, 1) the arrears are negotiable and 2) are they are taking more than 40% of your wage?
    The arrears also need to be looked into, have you requested the info as to how and when the arrears have accrued.

    You really need to get clarification on these arrears before you give up your job.

  4. Tell you what i did, i was like you and they royaly screwed me over.
    As i knew times were bad i asked my employer if they wanted to make me redundant 🙂 amazingly enough they offered me a nice sum as i would be taking voluntary redundancy.
    The CSA cant touch any of that. Im now on nil assessment.
    So im living of that doing and Open university course from home to get enough credits for university next year. I will them be applying for student finance and loans, CSA cant touch you as a Full time student.
    So that should be at least the next 6 years sorted and by then the csa will have closed all the pre 2014 cases and hey no matter what its still nil assessment.
    I get to work towards a new career and when i done , i should not be any longer viable for csa.

    They thought it was funny to screw me over now the shoe is on the other foot.

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