It is just not right

January 3, 2014

I have been paying fro my daughter who is 19 yrs old. every month my payments were £278 pm. I have had a child with my new partner. I rang and told the csa about the changes they said ok. Recalculate. So it then went up to £315 cos they said I had arears. 2 payments went out of my wages. And now the 3rd payments was £683. How can they do this to any one. we are finding it hard as it is with a new born . I rang the csa and they told me that they want the arrears Payed with in to yrs. I we are at ower wits end. i woud of stopped paying for my older child this yr if the government haven’t put the age up to 20 yrs. old without even telling you. I just don’t no what to do we have sat down and worked out that we woud be better off uninplyed calming everything what we can. Y y y y can the government get away with this. It is just not right


  • jo says:

    I would see your mp and get a copy of your file asap to find out why now you suddenly owe arrears! Also the 2 year rule is bs, there is no such law but a guide which can be negotiated. Write a letter of complaint outlining it to them that they are denying your new baby a right to a decent standard of living that you have provided for your oldest daughter and it is leaving you in poverty. Send them a detailed list of all your outgoings along with your income and propose to them what you can afford. Don’t let them dictate to you, good luck

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