Is it too late to claim CSA?

November 24, 2014

I split up with my x in 1993 he never paid me a penny.

Is it to late after 20 years to claim from the father as I know where he lives and he works to always has worked.


  • Gonk says:

    @ Jill
    Lol…..grow up!!!! You need to wise up idiot!!! You totally miss the points of any of these comments. This skank done ok for all these yrs, if she hadn’t? Then she would have done something about it, so quite obvious one of her skank friends ( probably screwing an ex for all it can gets) has told her she may be in for a big wind fall from the ex. It don’t take a brain of Britain that this has fuck all to do with her kids welfair and as I said, if she was that concerned, she would have done something about it yrs ago.
    Jill, you also need to remember, these childish remarks as you call them, come from frustrated dads angry at people like this woman who quite clearly see ex’s as ATM machines and the kids as cashcows, this one takes the biscuit, she thinks she can rifle the ex for thousands after 21yrs….stupid greedy bitch!!!!

  • Bee says:

    Are people for real. Whether or not the person cooed for 21 years isn’t the issue. They may have struggled had 2 jobs etc. The question is why on earth did the other person not make payments. It is their responsibility also. They had fun making the child then they should share the costs this isn’t being greedy it’s being decent. So for the dumb people who think this person is scum I take it you don’t pay for your child either

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