I’m taking action against the CSA!

August 31, 2016

I am now at my wits end with this bunch of idiots who call themselves CSA.

I am looking for support now to take action against this so called department of the government. Over 26 years on and off I dealt with the CSA or it’s various names. I am raising of campaign via facebook and direct email of the work and pension minister to now take the CSA to task over these failings.

At the moment I am looking for support via my email address of [email protected] of just email support I can gather to pass on to the minister. next few days I plan to raise a petition to get this government not only to launch a full investigation into the CSA but a full investigation by a independent judge in to this Government department for failing to keep data safe, records up too date information, confidentiality of people private information ie failing to keep data which is against the law


  • Andy says:

    Bloody joke…so they tell you what you pay.send out the review and set payments then without any notification change and increase payments as they will.
    Funny that…you try and get and review payments as your income reduces and you watch the screaming idiots say you need to provide evidence of this reduction…
    Again funny that they change it at will…

    Ever so helpful CMS..
    Incompetence as the old CSA..just a name change with same old issues you pay not our fault…

  • John says:

    A class action of thousands of mistreated, decent, people, with a top barrister at the head of our claim. i.e. PPI claims. “Have you been scammed by the CSA”? “Have you been the victim of fraud by the CSA”? etc.

    Not to mention the bogus officials acting as magistrates/tribunal chairs.

    Make them have it! We will all join in!

    Good luck.

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