I’m now self-employed – does that work in my favour now?

August 30, 2013

I’m a Dad who is a NRP and I have been paying £400 a month for my 2 Girls which I don’t see as my Ex wife poisoned there minds!!

Well the CSA did a attachment off earning on my wages which is the £400 a month, well I had arrears off £1500 which was being deducted out of the £400. Well I had a phone call yesterday from the idiots at the CSA and they are now saying I have not paid anything for the last 10 months, but I have wage slips stating the money had been directly deducted and now they say I owe £3000 they really have not got a clue!! But I started a new job and im Self employed does that work in my favour now then??


  • On says:

    What about ur daughters? Why do u think being self employed means that ur not responsible for YOUR children anymore?

  • Sally says:

    @ Wayne.. The CSA are absolutely useless and you have done the right thing by going self employed… Limit the impact they have on your life… You should speak with an accountant to find out what you have to declare as income… The less the better…. Also, speak with your local MP to see if he/she can help you sort out the arrears… Our MP helped reduce the false arrears the CSA put on us…

    It’s terrible that mothers do that to their children… It’s the children who are affected long term but those kind of mothers don’t care about that… There is nothing you can do make your daughters see you… We took my partners ex to court once but his ex ignored the court order so we gave up… We transferred all assets into my name and my partner went back to college… His ex now gets £5 per week…. We have a home that the CSA can’t touch and no more hassle from CSA… And now that money is out of the equation the ex allows the kids to come round more often (so that we can feed them…. Her words lol)… The CSA needs to be abolished…

    Good luck and keep us posted…

  • carol says:

    Sally, I love how you and your hubby managed to get around this, and be able to see your children more, and treat them better than when the CSA were hounding you.

    ON….of course being self employed still means you have parental responsibility. However, what you put in capitals “YOUR” children, well his ex poisioned HIS children against him, she had NO RIGHT to do that to HIS children. She effectively made them solely HER children which is absurd and abusive and neglectful. If she really loved THEIR children, she would let THEIR children MAINTAIN A RELATIONSHIP with THEIR FATHER.

    But no…bitterness and greed prevails, and when all is lost through these nasty type of people, what do you suggest people do? Please bear in mind the pain this causes “some” NRPs, and the pain this causes ALL children.

    I know my lil one wonders about mummy, and I like the OP, have had my child brainwashed by my bastard ex. I wish I could have been there for my child but some ex’s just do not want to facilitate bonds, only break them.

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