If my wife gets Child Tax Credits, will the CSA take some of it for my ex?

March 31, 2013

Hi, I have been paying money to my ex wife since we split for our two children (she was cheating on me for the 10 years that we are married and has brainwashed my children not to see me, they are 11 & 13) and contacted the CSA myself (big mistake) as she wanted more money than I could afford.

I am now remarried and have two children with my wife who is a stay at home mum, I work full-time. The CSA currently take our WTC and my wifes CTC into consideration when calculating my maintenance which is disgraceful! I would be happy for my wages and the WTC to be considered but I think it is wrong for the CTC to be included.

What I need to know is, if my wife gets the CTC paid into her own account instead of our joint account, can I tell the CSA not to take the CTC into consideration?


  • topper says:

    If your wife is eligible to claim CTC in her own name, then it will not be classed as your income. WTC credit will obviously only be being claimed in your name (as your wife is not working) therefore this will taken as part of your income, this is always assuming that your case with the CSA is after March 2003.

  • Victoria Cooper says:

    Same situation!! We’ve contacted Csa coz my partners been paying his 2 exes double the amount he should and its crippling us!! We have no problem in paying the maintenance (even tho we are allowed no contact!!!) but why should the ctc I receive for MY children be taken into account??!! His 2 exes obviously receive their own ctc so the only ones actually suffering are MY kids who’ve done nothing wrong 🙁

  • Kieshia Venn says:

    Same story here! My husband’s ex has had £140,000 plus everthing from the house and they’re still taking MY children’s benefit money as my husband is working for himself to give to her! £160pm?!! We don’t even see the kid, he calls someone else Dad! This country is ridiculous!

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