I work for CSA and hate it

November 18, 2011

I have been reading the stories on here and can only sympathise with people, being a single parent myself. I am currently employed with the CSA and the ‘organisation’ is a complete shambles. I am currently trying to get out and find a new job. There are far too many cases for staff to keep track of and the training given is completely irrelevant to the job itself. After coming out of training many staff are then left to their own devices with little support it’s no wonder there are so many mistakes. People are answering calls not knowing what they are talking about and no one to guide them. Attitudes towards dealing with cases is a disgrace, when asked how can one individual manage a caseload of over 100 the advice given was deal with whoever persistently calls and gives you hassle.

The attitude of some higher up staff is shocking. I have had people in tears on the phone and feel completely helpless. Parents with care have missed out on payments due to it taking so long to progress a case that by the time staff are able to get round to it, the non resident parent is no longer employed resulting in the whole process to start again. I have also witnessed Non resident parents being charged arrears that were not actually correct.

I have tried my best to help as many people as I can but the regulations and restrictions make it practically impossible, I can no longer handle the pressure and have raised all my concerns with higher levels of staff only to be shot down in flames.

Therefore I am looking to leave as soon as I can.


  • joanne shier says:

    Well use what you loathe and give advice to pwcs who the system fails and easy target nrps who are put into poverty aswel as their second families. You don’t need to tell us what a shambles it is, when in our case we have been given a letter to say my partner owes over 14,000 in child support on arrears we know to be false, do they look into it…no, we are having to prove your calculations are wrong and get told its being looked at and someone will get back to you, heard that far too many times. Your meant to be a government agency, that have powers to put people in prison, its shocking when employees call it a farce and scary too.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Good brave post Mrs X!

    Good to see you have kept your sanity by not becoming ‘native’ and complying with the CSA doctrine.
    Once you have left and are in another job, I urge you to write to your MP about your experience and to the media about your experience as a CSA employee.

    Meanwhile at job interviews I suggest when asked why your are unhappy with your present job, quote what you have posted here.
    You are worthy of much better.

    Best of luck with the job hunting!!!

  • Craig says:

    Become a whistle blower and expose everything they do wrong – giving advice to people who are being financially abused like the NRP would be very much appreciated. Write to the MP’s I can provide email address for you -Iain Ducan Smith needs to be made aware of this problem and bad attitude.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Mrs X,
    are there other people like yourself at the CSA who want to blow the whistle?
    If so, get them to contact this forum.
    If there are enough, I am sure we can find a sympathetic TV production company willing to make a programme.

    Once again thank you, it is people like yourself who expose the abuse that goes on in The CSA, NHS etc that does so much to help ordinary people.

  • John says:

    Well, at least you have the bottle to speak out. Good for you!

    We all know its’ a shambles. We are stuck with it, alienated and stigmatized by politicians and civil servants.Treated worse than criminals!

    The whole system needs to be scrapped, and mediation and means testing introduced in order that broken familes can at least be civilsed, if if they are not together!

    The way that the current system is set up, only breeds disaffection and hatred between parents and children!

  • Mrs X says:

    Believe me I have every intention of notifying the press, MPs and everyone I can about what I’ve seen so far. I hate having to go into a place everyday with the feeling of anger. Being a PWC myself does not make me biased as I thought it would, after seeing some NRPs, desperate to see their children, devastated. I remember me and my ex fighting over this very shambolic system due to errors they had made. Which is why I had it in my head when I applied for the job, ‘I will sort this out’ I have spoken to other colleagues but all are reluctant to go any further than the line manager with their complaints. I understand its tough times getting a job but in my opinion I would rather work for dull boring company than somethng I am completely against. I have been on the whistle blower website. Lets hope they take my comments seriously since I appear to be the only one feeling strong enough to go to them. Well within my office anyway!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Mrs X says:-
    ‘I have been on the whistle blower website. ‘
    Do you have a link for this website?

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted of contacts you have with MPs and media.

  • Craig says:

    This topic is out of date but I am sure if you contacted them they would respond and be interested in what you have to say https://www.whistleblowers.uk.com/news/114/73/Unfair-Recovery-Procedures-Adopted-By-The-CSA.php

  • Craig says:

    If you want to email the MP’s use this link http://www.writetothem.com/ it would also be a good Idea to write to Home secretary if you need emails I can provide them.
    It would be a good time to get out of the CSA/ CMEC before the people who they have abused start to retaliate. The employees are seriously despised by thousands – I can imagine it will not be long before people start to kick off with the staff, a good time to defect.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Before you leave ensure you collect evidence, names,addresses etc to back up your stories otherwise you will be dismissed as ‘ one disgruntled employee’.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    ‘I have also witnessed Non resident parents being charged arrears that were not actually correct.’
    Please gather evidence before you leave, as this practice,although widespread, is probably illegal.

  • sunshine says:

    i feel dead inside due to the csa. I’ve been on both sides, the pw & now the partner of the nrp. I used to receive letter’s from csa telling me they had reviewed the ex’s payments & that he was in arreas, they were going to take the full amount from his next wage! I asked how he could be in arrears when he had been paying every 2 weeks & that it didn’t seem fair for them to do that. I don’t get on with my ex & couldn’t give a hoot if I never saw him again, but fair’s fair. Now my partner is upto his eyes with the csa, he was stupidly handing cash over to his ex as she didn’t want to give her bank details. For a short while she signed for the cash, they had an argument & she told him to stick it & that her new partner was now his child’s new dad. This was seven years ago, his ex eventually agreed that my partner would give her enough to pay for school dinners & bus fairs as she didn’t want his money tarnishing her new family. He agreed & handed the money over every week. we also had his child stop over numerous nights a week which was fine. Then out of the blue he received a letter from the csa saying he was in arrears. He asked his ex about it, but she has denined going to them. He ignored the letter. Then last year we recieved a letter saying they were getting a liabillity order, then a charging order which was granted. Nrp is guilty no matter what. I have just found a letter sayin that they have written to both my partner & his ex, neither have responded, so off their own back they are going to get the courts backing to sell our house! I feel physically sick. They don’t care that I own half the house, that I have a disabillity or anything. Still the ex denies ever going to them, yet won’t contact them to put the record straight. And apparently this arrears is from 2004!!! unbelivable. My partners ex is either lying through her teeth or she must have claimed beneifits fraudulently as she has never been out of work, only maternity for her other two children, or more than likely putting a fraudulent claim into the csa! If it weren’t for my kids, id kiss goodnight to this horrid existance! 🙁

  • Mr Happy says:

    can i just say, i also work for the csa and 99% of people dont help them selfs, here’s some advise to everyone…get a job, pay for your kids, stop being a stig and then there’s no need for the csa. End of

  • Mr Happy says:

    ps collecting names is against dp, so this post will be shown to a line manager so they can review you employment xx

  • Mr Happy, or Anthony Pilkington ([email protected]) – don’t think you can come on here remaining anonymous and admit you work for the CSA. We know who you are, we know what sites you use and we know what Facebook groups you’re a member of.

    CSA staff such as you won’t get away with your ‘anonymous’ comments online with CSAhell.com around.

    If anyone wants to make friends with this CSA staff member, you can do so here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=701600022

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Mr Happy’s posts:-

    ‘can i just say, i also work for the csa and 99% of people dont help them selfs, here’s some advise to everyone…get a job, pay for your kids, stop being a stig and then there’s no need for the csa. End of’


    ‘ps collecting names is against dp, so this post will be shown to a line manager so they can review you employment xx’

    Wonderful example of the mentality and illiteracy of the majority BUT NOT ALL of those who work for The CSA and influence our lives so much.

    How much more evidence is required before we have a public enquiry (similar to what we how have with the Leveson Inquiry into Press Standards) into the workings and failings of The CSA?

    The sooner the better for PWC and NRPs but not CSA employees….

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Unfortunately that link,
    leads to:-
    ‘This content is currently unavailable’

  • Craig says:

    Mr Happy Anthony Stig Pilkington you are a cunt! I was already paying for my children it is you fucking wankers who got involved off your own back, Making financial arrangements was the first thing I done when I split. You should be publicly lashed you piece of shit! I pray for a scenario to North Africa because scum like you would get a good kicking!

  • Craig says:

    Mr Happy Anthony Stig Pilkington This is what scum like you do http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1525148/The-CSA-not-only-ended-my-fathers-life-it-ruined-mine-too.html and you financially rape our servicemen because they are easy targets hang your head in shame you traitor

  • Mrs X says:

    I’m not sure how to get advice on this now? I don’t want to do anything illegal as I do have my daughter to think about. Can any of the staff on here advise me??

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Mr Happy, have you read the article Craig has given a link to?
    It is one of the best articles I have ever read about the CSA.
    It is also terrible sad.

    ‘He was, in CSA parlance, an “easy win” – a responsible parent willing to pay. ‘

    I am sure this sound familiar with may on this forum.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Can someone help Mrs X?
    If it wasn’t for people like her the above article would never have been written and published.

  • joanne says:

    Mrs x, looks like staff are bullied as are the clients they hound…needs closing down! I praise you for coming forward, can’t be easy. Just a shame this dreaded organisation doesn’t have a decent human resource department. Your not the first member of staff to offer help and advice, nor the last. Mr happy, if its so bloody great then why are your staff moaning, why are pwcs and nrps being let down…and not all pwcs ran to the csa, they had no choice when they claimed benefits which I’m pretty sure is the majority of cases locked within your crappy systems…for god sake, when government said it wasn’t fit for purpose says it all!

  • anthony says:

    mr happy you horrible fucking total nob head!!!! says it all about you anyway,uv gotta be one of them arrogant twats iv spoke to recently, well im taring u with the same brush as them, and mrs x we need more employees like you that have the balls to say what the csa are really like!!! fight it all the way girl!!

  • anthony says:

    p.s well said craig, and micheal i thought it was great u revealed ‘mr happy’, mr happy is one of many that work for the csa and have their heads so far up their own arses that they dont even know what they are talking about!!!! daylight robbers if u ask me!!!!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    I understand Mr happy or Anthony Pilkington ([email protected]) works at Bolton CSA.

  • Kate says:

    Mr Happy you are a tool! I’m concerned that you think that all people who use the CSA don’t have jobs! Clearly you are one of the no marks that gives out the incorrect advice that results in making already bitter relationships worse and causing people extreme hardship!

    I am a NRP and a PWC oh and I work full time and always have done! Do you think there would be any need for Forum’s like this if the CSA weren’t so rubbish! Don’t think any other Government agency gets so much bad press does it!

    Well done for exposing this tool!

  • Mr daddy says:

    CSa waste of time fathers have no say or right and get told when they can have there child but they got to pay thru the nose while bone idle
    Mothers sit at home poppin kids out with different dads so they don’t hav to work my daughters mother has another
    Child so she gets moved into a house rather then a flat fuckin sad

  • h8mmer says:

    never been a god fearing bloke but I’ve started to pray that Anthony Pilkington ends up getting shafted by the very same system he defends and colludes with and ends up being mr unhappy.

    its idiots llike him that allow the idealists who setup, and continue to support the failure that is the CSA, to continue pumping our hard earned taxes into running it and defend its incompertence despite so many lives being ruined by it.

    Ant, can I call you that? Well Ant, you must have tiniest cock on the planet because from where I stand I can only see the Worlds biggest cunt.
    Do the world a favour and jump off a cliff you waste of oxygen (do me another favour though and drag my hateful X with you, ta)…

  • Brett says:

    This clown Pilkington sounds like some little 7 stone weakling mummy’s boy who couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag and was bullied at school.
    He’s got power now to ruin people’s lives and is thriving on it. He must get his pleasure targetting people like me who have always paid and been compliant by making up ficticious arrears and then threatening to send baliffs and issuing a liability order.
    What a horrible vile individual !

  • Brett says:

    Forgot to say Pilkington, go to hell you slimey,cowardly piece of pond life shite !

  • Cindie Hall says:

    We all know what it is like. But you got the upper hand here you know what it is like. Why have you not done something about this. People are going out of their minds here. I feel really sad for all the NRPS it is disgusting the way they get treated and spoke to. I would sooner not work than go around making peoples lifes a misery like you lot do. Not one person ever on those lines are decent human beings. You should do something about this go higher than the top to be shot down in flames. If I went work and spoke to people like you lot do I would get the sack and also deserve it. Shame on you that you are still or ever got employment there!!!!

  • stuart mitchell says:

    Mr Pilkington was the subject of a complaint from me in January when he posed as an officer of ICE to gain information from regarding my case, luckily i smelt the rat out and complained to ICE who had never heard of him and also the CSA who he works for at Bolton. Hopefully he is now out of work and understands how it is to have no money. Karma is good.

  • j says:

    Mr Happy on November 25th, 2011 1:36 pm

    can i just say, i also work for the csa and 99% of people dont help them selfs, here’s some advise to everyone…get a job, pay for your kids, stop being a stig and then there’s no need for the csa. End of

    I’m sorry but do you have ‘issues’? people do in fact have jobs and pay for their children. The problem in case you had not noticed are the mistakes Incompetent people like you make that destroy peoples lives. Problems like the csa chasing people who are not working for money when they are fully aware they are not working. Still what do you expect from an organisation that employs a grass like you!

  • Craig says:

    stuart mitchell on July 17th, 2012 12:01 pm

    Mr Pilkington was the subject of a complaint from me in January when he posed as an officer of ICE to gain information from regarding my case, luckily i smelt the rat out and complained to ICE who had never heard of him and also the CSA who he works for at Bolton. Hopefully he is now out of work and understands how it is to have no money. Karma is good.

    So that rat Pinklington posed as an officer of ICE is that not fraud by misrepresentation? it would seem that the agency is riddled with fraudulent and corrupt goings on. A public inquiry is required and rats like that Pinklington need to be battered big time.

  • >