I want to make an agreement for my children – how do I go about it?

September 20, 2013

I left my wife in April 2012 and now live with my new partner and her little girl. I paid privately until June this year maintenance for my 2 boys who live with my x One was 18 in July thus year the other us 15 I paid £250 per month from mat 2012 until June 2013 along with phone bills a car and car insurance for my eldest son.

But due to financial difficulties along with ill health had to stop payments. The house my x lives in has an equity amount in it of £135000.00 half of which is mine. I am wanting to make an agreement in writing that when the youngest us 16 I will get £10.000 the remainder is left as maintenance money for the youngest and then balance is split between the 2 boys when the time comes Please advise Regards Keith


  • Mandy says:

    Hi Keith. You will need to contact a solicitor to see about an official document being put in place if your ex agrees to it.

    I’m not sure what would need to be done but you need to be careful as the CSA may not take any agreements into account if she decides to go through them to collect maintenance.

    I will advise that the CSA do not take into account any money paid to your children, only money that is paid to the parent with care, i.e. you’ve been paying for your sons car insurance and his car, this is not counted.

    Hope this helps. Mandy.

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