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I proved the CSA wrong in court

I have been disputing an assessment made by the csa covering an 18week period from aug 2006 to dec 2006. To cut a long story short, the csa said I didnt reply within 28 days so the interim assessment stands. (even though it was 40 pounds a week above what i should have been paying).

I know i sent my reply in time and that my documents were lost in the csa system somewhere (this was later proved) the csa decided to take this money by deo, on top of the csa that i was already paying. The csa are faceless people on the other end of a phone line who couldnt care less that the extra money they are taking from you for 1 child seriously affects the well-being of the child or children now living with you.

After 3 court appearances – the second one the csa forgot to turn up, the third one the csa rep stood up in court and tried to obtain a liability order against me even though i had already paid the arrears. it was one of the best feelings in the world when i could debate face to face with 1 of these people, instead of tearing my hair out on the other end of a phone line, and then it was even better to watch them squirm with embarassment when it is shown to be bullshit spewing out from their mouth!!).

I then went to the i c e and asked them to look at my case, these are their exact words on a letter sent to the csa after their investigation.

The agency to issue an apology from a senior manager acknowledging the poor service given to myself. A consolatory payment of £150 for gross inconvenience, mal-administration and mis-handling of documents. A further payment of £100 was made because the csa replied SIX mths late to the i c e. (if youre 1 day late it can seriously affect you, but the csa can take mths or even yrs) even after this lambasting by the i c e, the b——s still refused to change my assessment.

It had long passed about being anything to do with money, but was about principle and doing what was right. So i took my plight to a tribunal. The tribunal found in my favour and forced the csa to re-do the assessment. Again it was a pleasure to debate face to face with one of these morons and show that the csa spiel coming out of their mouths was grossly incorrect. The re- assessment was done (and, they did it wrong) so again, i ended up doing the csa’s job for them by telling them this, i knew exactly what i had overpaid.

Eventually i have received from the csa nearly £1000. It just shows that if you are right and persevere (even though it seems like you are banging your head against a brick wall, sometimes) the little man can sometimes beat the big man. I think a meeting with my mp is next on my agenda because the way the csa work is an utter disgrace.

Everyone from the csa involved in my case should be sacked for gross incompetence, (o how i wish i could make this happen)

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  1. Well done, I got an advance payment in the region of £15k + interest due to their incompetence but also because Watchdog were going to film my story and I found a solicitor to sue them! So it helps not to give up, we need more people like you. Please join our facebook groups Child Support Agency Failings and others on there also. There are many of us in similar sits.

  2. Hi mark cooper,

    Well done :o)

    Was the assessment covering the 18 week period from Aug 2006 to Dec 2006 an actual assessment or an Interim maintenance decision?

    chall ~

  3. Well done indeed Mark. You persevered and won. You should be pleased with yourself because the CSA are very difficult to deal with and the methods they use are very draconian.

    They are effectively a collection agency for the government and little of the money collected actually reaches the children they are supposed to.

    If you or any one you know need any advice or represntation then please do not hestate to contact us at Selwyns Law. Our details are: 0871 750 2130 (for up to 40 minutes free telephone advice) or you could either email us at [email protected] or visit our website, and complete our enquiry form. All the best to you.


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