I pay CSA for one child while ex refuses to pay for another

March 5, 2011

I split from my husband nearly 8 yrs ago, we have 3 sons who are now 19, 17 and 11, over the last 6 years my two eldest have resided with their father (their choice, still love them to bits!!) and our youngest lives with me. My youngest has ADHD and its sometimes a 24hr job but wouldnt change him for the world.

For 8yrs i’ve tried getting maintainance from my ex but as yet have never recieved a penny. Three years ago i recieve a call from the CSA telling me that i have to pay money every week to my ex for my middle son ( i’m self employed and work full time, he just claims benifits so as not to pay) i’ve now been paying £10 pw for 3yrs but the CSA have now decided i have to pay £25 pw, this is for the 17 yr old who i may add works and goes to college 1 day a week, so i’m still left to financially care for our youngest son on my own and pay for the middle one.

Are the CSA thick or really stupid? They aren’t bothered about my youngest as long as i keep paying to him, talk about feeling victomised they even threatened me with a court order on my home. I wouldnt mind but for the last few months my middle son has lived at his friends house and like i said works, i’ve informed the CSA of this and they just aren’t bothered just as long as i keep paying. So mothers are victims too.


  • John says:

    This happened to me. The CSA let my ex wife off paying for three years and then she only paid a pittance. I paid straight off and have been hounded and persecuted by CSA incompetence ever since!

    Shut them down!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    This is because your ex is on benefit. The CSA are only interested in cases where they are recovering money for someone on scrounging on benefit.

    Have you actually made a claim, completed the forms, for your youngest?
    When was this done? What was their reply?

    You have to chase them up in writing, do not phone, as to when they are going to start collecting money from him. Of course it will only be £5 per week, reduced to £0 because he has children living with him. And there’s the problem!

    Is he entitled to be claiming benefit or is he working?
    And who gets the child benefit for each child?

    This is one of our big gripes, benefit, including housing benefit and council tax benefit, should be treated as income and taken into account accordingly.

    Can you come join us on Facebook? CsaHell on Facebook is down at the moment so for the moment we are discussing on Against the Csa on Facebook or CSA – If we have to pay, we want our say! also on Facebook.

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