I paid CSA in full and they still want more – they have ruined my life!

June 8, 2017

I earned £1100 a month as a teacher, the CSA charged me £680 for 2 children, one with each of two women both of whom kicked me out- for their desire to have an affair with someone else. I had to work 7 day a week 52 weeks a year, for 9 years I didn’t have a single day off. When my payments were coming to an end. they told me how much I’d need to pay for the last year, so I paid it in advance in full. They came back to me for more money!! They said that someone who’d paid as much as I had could not just go to paying nothing. This agency all but destroyed my life.

When I asked them to help me to see my children, which was because I had to work every day and their mothers had moved away, they said they wouldn’t help, they were just a collection agency. I have never seen one of ‘my children’ and now it is too late, I will leave them nothing in my will and in effect have no children.


  • Dave says:

    Doug are you saying they made you pay after your daughters were 18? This isn’t right surely?


    Don’t let them ruin your life, they are low paid job wallers who are under strict instruction to get money from NRP fathers it isn’t personal, but it is biassed, you are being victimised, as I am,

  • Thanks for the responses, it’s now in the past for me now Terry, it finished 6 years ago. Yes Dave, they made me pay until she was 19, because she went into full time education- apparently they had the right to do that.

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