I know ex is working so where is my CSA money?

January 20, 2013

First applied for csa around year 2000, as getting nowhere with him doing the right thing by his 3 kids.

Once they got involved he deliberately packed in his job when they traced him, all the time they wernt much help and every time I called them for case updates, I was told they were still looking into it, it went on and on for probably a year or so, and they would fob me off with your case workers not in the office, or can you call back? or they will call you back, but they never would, then by this time he was working again and finally told him he had to pay me about 400 pound a month, again he packed in his job, and I was told he only had to pay 5 pounds a week,i was so desperate to get bills paid I then had to contact the csa and call them off his back, and he would pay me two hundred pounds a month voluntarily, he then after a few months just stopped paying it, so again I had to contact the csa, and again I heard nothing and it was transferred to other departments, and I was transferred to other people who were dealing with it.

I had no correspondence unless I phoned them, I sent letters of complaints, which only one was replied to only saying that my case was being transferred, so no more did I learn from that than the regular phone calls I had to make to them, he then after awhile again blackmailed me into excepting his voluntary payments, and I said raise it to 250 pound a month then which he did, then again without warning just stopped paying it over a year ago and this time when I contacted csa he told them he wants a DNA test on my middle son cos hes decided to deny paternity, so as to delay the case.

I filled in the form the csa sent agreeing to the test. and sent it back he then ignored the csa letters that they sent for him to go and get the test done, and sent me texts saying hed lost the form, they then gave him time to send the first one, realised he wasn’t going to so sent him another form which he ignored, its then taken them 8 or more months to reply to me saying he has to pay me 50 pound a week, on a default rate as the inland revenue cant trace his national insurance as hes actually working.

I know hes working and using a plain white van hes a plumbing and heating engineer,so working cash in hand, I received the letter from csa just days before Christmas, and heard nothing since, except texts from him laughing in my face and saying how hes better off as hes paying me even less, so of course he isn’t going to give them the information they need in case they say he has to pay more, hes got away with it and doesn’t care ive suffered stress with money worries, since he left us in the year 2000, that’s twelve years ive been fighting him and the csa off and on, the csa are on his side not my childrens or mine, they have helped him avoid paying for his children, he also has two with the woman he lives with both born after he left, and she runs a business from home, and you can bet he part owns it.


  • Alice says:

    If your ex is not supplying details of his current circumstances and CSA are unable to trace employer details via HMRC records (all employers must register employees with HMRC so if he’s working anything other than cash in hand HMRC will be able to supply his employer details) and if they can see that he is not in receipt of benefits then they will put a DMD (Default Maintenance Decision) on the case – this has obviously been done in your case which is where the £50 MC for 3 children has come from. The problem with a DMD is collecting the money – if you ex does not make agree to setting up a debit (or if he does and then cancels it) the CSA cannot impose a DEO (deduction of earnings order) as they have no current employer.

    If a DMD has been imposed the case will have been referred to either Criminal Compliance for them to contact your ex (possibly a visit) to request information on his employment ect, or the legal team for them to apply for a Liability Order – this will take quite some time as it needs to go to court, once a Liability Order is granted this gives the CSA further powers to take action to collect the maintenance and arrears. If you are resident in England the LO can be passed to a Bailiff for them to collect money or goods – they do not use Bailiffs in Scotland. A LO also allows the CSA to force the sale of a house ect.

    If the case has been passed to Criminal Compliance and your ex gives them details of his current employment circumstances this information will be used to convert the DMD to a maintenance calculation based on his income – if he states that he is not working, not on benefits and is being supported financially by his family, friends or new partner etc the DMD will be based on nil income and as such a nil assessment will be put in place. They cannot take his partner’s income into account as it is only his income that is used (the exception to this is CTC paid to his partner as they count as household income and can be used).

    If he is working cash in hand the csa cannot verify this and unfortunately the only thing they can advise you is to report this to HMRC as tax evasion – HMRC may ask for evidence before they would investigate it.

  • Gonk says:

    Your ex is a typical example of the arseholes that deliberately avoid paying and should be hounded into the ground by the csa but instead they hound the honest hard working dads that do pay by force instead by choice.
    You are wrong about the csa caring about your ex ….they care nothing for the child,PWC or NRP….they care only about money they can get from whatever and however means to reimburse the treasury for all the handouts to single mothers living in free houses and claiming all the benifits under the sun, all their council tax paid.council estate offspring of parents who lived the same way and who’s attitude was The state owes them a life and not forgetting the Jeremy Kyle layabouts.
    It’s as simple as that…and any one who denies this? Needs a wake up call including the government…wake up..it’s happening…it’s a fact…deal with it.

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