I earn £360 a week – they want nearly £600 a month

February 10, 2014

Eleven years ago the mother of my two children and I got divorced and since then I have NEVER missed a maintenance payment and ALWAYS paid exactly what the CSA calculated the payments to be. This has never been enough for my ex-wife and has tried at every opportunity to tell my children what a bad father I am and how I support my new wife(she does work) and her daughter more than them. I paid £25,000 to finally get an unbreakable court order for regular access to see my children for half of all school holidays and every other weekend(Fri-Sun) and every Mon & Wed after school until 7pm.

NOT once in all that time did I ever miss a day with them even if I felt ill. I always picked them up and dropped them back at home on time (or all hell would break loose). In July 2012 I took voluntary redundancy in the hope of started a new business but after unfortunately the business failed before it even got started. I had kept the CSA informed at all times regarding my redundancy and still paid what they said. In March 2013 I started working for an Agency until I could find a regular job as there was no money left and we were starting to struggle with just my wife’s income , still keeping the CSA informed. By June my ex-wife kept on at the CSA saying that I running a successful business as well as working for an agency driving 5 nights a week. On 3 occasions the CSA told my ex-wife that there was no case to answer but she still would not accept this and took it to the tribunal. I sent all my paperwork to the court and explain by phone and by letter that I could not attend court as I would not be able to sit in the same room as my ex-wife because of all the things she had accused me off and all the times she had tried to stop me from seeing my children over the years. The Judge did not seem to read any of my paperwork and ruled in favour of my ex-wife taking her word that I was earning in excess of £40,000 a year, having several holidays a year and owning several cars etc.(which is all untrue).

The CSA are sympathetic to my case but as there is a court order in place they say they cannot help. I have appealed to the courts but they have refused an appeal. I have proved my case on paper but no one will help me. This has been going on for months and as per the court order I owe thousands in arrears and they want me to pay almost £600 per month when I only earn on average £360.00 per week. I am struggling to find a solicitor(which my mother is willing to pay for) that will take my case as no one seems to know where to start.


  • Richie says:

    You should have gone to court. Irrespective of what you feel about the ex – it looks bad on you not tuning up.

    That was your mistake im afraid

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