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I can’t believe what they’ve just told me!

I can not believe what I have just been advised that the CSA are refusing to gain further information of my ex partner with lifestyle inconsistent with declared income, because I have not supplied any evidence to support my application? I have in fact provided a credit file with proof that my ex partner is driving a new porshe and has loans higher than his allenged income. How come that once again my children will suffer due to little or no money and nobody will help me?

5 thoughts on “I can’t believe what they’ve just told me!

  1. Like the person states above, talk to him…politely and come to an understanding about the children and money, it’s the way forward. CSA are just a corrupt organisation who ruin peoples lives, I don’t blame him.

  2. Hi Tracey

    It is your business if your ex partner is deliberately avoiding paying for his children. Assuming this is the case this is what you must do. It worked for me-It took me 16 years to get anywhere.

    You need to ask for your case to be moved to the ‘Departure from the Child Maintenance (or CSA) department’ yes! that’s what it’s called.

    You need to literally get every detail of your own monthly costs and do a comparison of your costs ie: Gas, electric, care, council tax. Take a photo of his car, his home, where he works what you believe his outgoings will be. If you believe the vehicle is on HP do an HPI check. Take some screen shots from Google of where he lives. Write down every single thing and send it to them.
    Get a decent mathematician to work out his monthly payments on loans over a more than reasonable period. and compare it to his salary.

    When did you start your claim? How old are your children? does he live with someone?


  3. If he has loans then that is capital. Capital is not included as earned in which is what CSA/CMS use to calculate maintenance payments. If he is also saying he is living off his capital then his lifestyle is being paid for by the same. That is the reason your variation has not worked.

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