I can and will not rest until something is done

March 1, 2014

First of all my sons father has refused outright to pay a penny towards him and told the CSA this also. After 6 months of the baillifs making ‘phonecalls and visits’ last year they eventually managed to collect a sum of £500 from him although during this period he had incurred another debt of £1800.

ONE AGAIN he refused to pay or comply with them and it went again to the Bailiffs who in my eyes are a complete waste of time and taxpayers money. If somebody isnt willing to comply by phone with the csa why on earth would he respond by phone to them?? This then went onto visits where Im now told they didnt manage to see or come to any kind of arrangement and was then sent back to the CSA. So what on earth is the point of sending it to the Bailiffs in the first place?? Theyve done nothing more than the CSA in the first place – they are time wasters.

The CSA became rude on the phone when I asked the above questions and simply said they have done what they can and it might be looked into further. This is appalling service and they are all being paid a wage through tax payers for doing nothing!!! Yet again another father gets away without paying for his child whilst he swans around in a merecdes car and has 3 /4 holidays a year in America and the Carribean – I have to struggle bringing up his child – its APPALLING!! Im taking the matter as high as I can and will not rest until something is done!


  • jo says:

    If csa have gone down every legal avenue to help you what more can be done? You can’t force blood out of a stone and if your ex refuses to pay then the blame lies with him surely? I’m a pwc who has received nothing for my 2 children and frankly put my energy into raising them and not chasing my deadbeat of an ex forcing him to take responsibility when he doesn’t even do that for himself.

    I’m sorry if he doesn’t want to help with raising your son, you’re better off without him if he’s doing everything in his track to evade csa. Are you getting everything your entitled to in the meantime?

  • Steve says:

    Or better still are you working and earning your own money.

  • Richie says:

    Yeah … go get a job!

  • Sophie says:

    Oh I do work – and so does my ex, who point blank refuses to pay for his child and has since had his 4th child by 4th woman – and doesnt pay for one of them. I on the other hand am married with a further 3 children and my husband works full time as do I to pay for our children. However it would be nice for my eldests to contribute some kind of payment seeing as he was there for the first 3 years of our sons life up until he became physically abusive and I left him! What about your situation as you seem so defensive?!!!!!!

  • fourvees says:

    Deepest Sympathy but the CSA fail everyone.
    The CSA were taking money from me even though the children were living with me and even though my ex wife had been given the house to benefit the children.
    The CSA then continued to overcharge me deliberately by £2500 and laughed when I said I wanted a refund.
    I asked my MP GEORGE FREEMAN to do something about the theft but he said he couldn’t do anything.
    When the CSA staff member was laughing at me she said we made a mistake but you will never get your money back and your MP will do nothing.
    I call this BLATANT THEFT and they can do this because MP’s like GEORGE FREEMAN WILL DO NOTHING.

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