I am in the Navy and CSA is taking my pay

May 10, 2010

I am in the Armed Forces and paying CSA 40% of my net wage. I have been going through a complaint with the agency now for nearly a year, because my payments were increase by £100 per month without being told. My reply was an apology and a one off re imbursement of £50, then they told me my payments would increase. In this day of credit crunch with increasing fuel and food costs how are they able to do this with a conscience? I am struggling with day to day living and they want to take more money off me.

I am now at a stage where why should I work and leave myself with nothing. I could leave the Navy and go bankrupt, go on the dole and have all my housing expenses payed for. This is a course of action I do not want to take.

The money situation is taking a strain on my relationship with my partner as the CSA is the highest outgoing I currently have. Is there any advice out there??


Colin Byrne