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I am at my whits end

hi, I split up with ma ex and now she wont let me see my son without hur being there. we tried to be aduilts but it turned out the money that a was giving hur was getting spent in the pub.

she was spending money that a was macking in the army to go out and get pissed so when a stoped giving hur money and started getting hur stuff for my son she stoped me seeing my son its bad enuff that I am away a lot of the time with the army she is trying to use this agent me a don’t think this is right at all.

I am the one that has the job the house and the car but yet cant get my son 2 days and nights a week when am home can someone help me with this please as I am at my whits end with all this its hard for a 22 year old to go throw.

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  1. Andrew a now the felling they rob ppl that are working and give it to ppl that don’t even need it just becoz they have ur kid well ma lawyer sead don’t pay if u don’t see lol or request a DNA test to prove ur the dad so a have lol am no getting taken for a mug off ppl that judge other ppl a work hard for my money a get my son stuff and go to give hur it and she turns it down so am dune with it they come at me agen they will get told were to go

  2. you might not want to hear this but you can not dictate what PWC spends the money on CSA is to help towards food,clothing,bills i.e heating and water and to pay for a roof over your childs head, if you have evidence your childs basic needs are not being met then contact the social services.
    The CSA can go to the army for your wages if they need to and believe me they will not be very happy with you as a soldier if this happens . any payments yo make to PWC make to her bank so you have evidence.

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