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Husband’s lazy ex lives off my money

I think most of the women out there are out to finish there ex’s off,,,, luckly my partner is self employed and we have got the csa to take only a small part out his wages ….due to me writing loads of letters etc to csa it wouldn’t of been worth us working if they had taken anymore ….and more to the point the fat ass sits on the sette all day watchs the box and living of the state ….so why the hell should we give her anymore as now the lazy asses get all the money and nothing is taken of there benifits …..

So really it doesn’t pay you to work anymore!

THE lazy cow has never worked in her life and its 37 ? lived oFf my man for 17 yrs and then expects us to foot the bill…. he lost his house thought her gambling as well….when my child was young and i split from my husband I was working 30 hrs a week from the age of 3 months and when he left I asked him for some ex money towards him he never paid and I thought sod it I bring him up on my own and i did csa was there then and it was worse than it is now ….

I really feel for the dad’s that have 100′s of pounds taken from there wages and 90% of the time there ex’s gf wifes etc sit on there asses all day there no excuse not to work just because you have a kid !!!!! there i have had my say …good luck to all the dads out there ….a helpful word never phone the csa they lie big time always send letter recorded delieverly only ….then what ever you have said they cant say you never said it or haven’t sent it…. good luck …my view on the csa complet TWAT’S AND COULDN’T RUN A BATH LET ALONE A COMPANY

4 thoughts on “Husband’s lazy ex lives off my money

  1. I totaly agree.
    My ex doesnt work and i have to pay £127 a week to her because of the csa. I am finding it dificult now to pay my morgage and other debts. I am on the old system. If i was on the current one i would only be made to pay £67 a week.

  2. I would stop paying mate then they would have to put you on the new systerm i think …..csa are crap ………..

  3. Nope.
    The only way for me to get on the new system is for the ex to close the case or for me to go get another girl pregnant and she claims from the csa which would then pull my case to the new system. Or my ex to get pregnant again and claim then again this case will be pulled to current system. Not paying will just build up arrears.

  4. I totally agree with you, I was left a single mum and got on with it, really cent be asked for my ex, if he isn’t going to be there emotionally he isn’t going to bother financially, so did it by myself and worked…I’m now an nrpp and csa hound my partner who’s ex has never worked and his kids now 18 and 21, he left her with everything and wasn’t a deadbeat, kids wanted for nowt….makes me sick that csa let these types of lazy pigs abuse the system and my partner.

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