Husband’s ex been on income support for 15 years

March 1, 2010

my husband and i have very low income, we claim working tax credit and child tax credit ( the award letter says “how we work out your entitlement…this is what the LAW says you need to live on”) we have 3 children…my husband has 2 older children who live with their mother who has been on income support for about 15… years!! CSA count our tax credits as income including our child care element…..we have now had to take our youngets out of nursery as we can’t afford it because of what the CSA take from us, meaning i can’t work!! why is this fair?? how can they take from my children to give to his ex when she already claims money from the goverment “what the law says they need to live on” leaving us whith less than the law says we need to live on!! She is planning on having another baby with her new man so she wont be forced to work, that is the kind of woman she is!! My husband has always provided for his them spends paying towards uniforms and clothes etc.

He offered he £100 per month but she said “no i want you to suffer” We work hard…7 days per week, she is a lazy layabout who had children for a free ride!! why are we being punished?

Donna Cheltenham


  • Brokenfather says:

    You are being punished because the Government see him as an easy target to recoup the benefits they are paying his ex. From what they take from him they will keep all bar £10 pw.

  • Elizabeth Cook says:

    It’s £20 a week now..apparently. When my hubby was working he was paying £53 a week to them and they gave her £20. The rest went in their account to pay for the other kids whose fathers they couldn’t find. Sick! My children should have benefitted from that extra money. My hubby gave up work to become a house husband as it’s the only way we don’t have to pay the extra. They still take from my girls through their child tax credits but at least it’s the bare minimum for someone so spiteful as to take a child away from their father to get more money….

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