How would the CSA deal with an Armed Forces pension?

September 24, 2013

I was recently made redundant from the Army. I currently pay 20% CSA from my monthly pension under the 2003 rules but even thought the CSA contacted the pension office no payment was allocated to my ex wife for the lump sum (£107,000) I received.

Can anyone please advice how the terminal grant/ Redundancy/lump sum of an Armed Forces pension (the tax-free three-times annual pension payment, AFPS75, if that matters) would be treated for CSA maintenance calculations? and where this information is located.

My ex wife is currently taking the CSA (and me) to a tribunal and I would like to be fully informed before I arrive.


  • rachael swan says:

    Oh dear, Jim bit harsh are you forgetting men are also in same predicament just because your claiming CSA doesn’t make you a woman! There’s a lot of single fathers out there raising children and claiming child support . I never went to Csa actually my ex husband did to prove he Was paying me money every month and incase I ever decided to go . Stupid move cause he ended up paying more out than he Was originally , you’ve obviously had a bad experience but we aren’t all like that .
    It’s disgusting that she or anyone else can do that , that’s your money , I really don’t know how that would calculate but I wish you the best of luck in court ! There’s always the option to appeal but could be costly .

  • Sally says:

    You should definitely go and get advice from citizens advice and also try NACSA website as they are very good at providing correct information that the CSA staff withhold or blatantly lie about.

    @ JIm – I have to say that I agree with Rachel, not all women are greedy and spiteful, some of us have self respect and dignity and wouldn’t even contemplate asking someone else for part of their pension regardless of the situation.

    I believe that both parents should contribute what they can afford but in todays society most PWCs are subsidised while most NRPs struggle to make end meet (whether they are male or female)…. the childs needs are not even considered by the CSA…

  • sazged says:

    Thank you all. I have no problem paying and providing for my son, as i have done for many years. My problem is when my ex lied about how much I paid (in the early days) and i had 40% of my wage taken to pay off an “apparent dept”. It took the CSA 3 years and all my bank statments to sort the problem (I was still overpaying) Now the ex owes the CSA £3000 and she is refusing to pay. She has also stopped all contact (even with a contact order) and is finding anyway she can to make my life difficult. She even took me to court to try and stop the contact order saying it was “child abuse” to make my son see me (he is 10). After many court cases my son has ow said that he doesnt want to see me as it makes his mum cry…. Rant over….

  • R griffin says:

    It’s shocking , 24 years in army married to ex for 7 , pay 650 a month for chasten and see them all the time . Now the ex is trying to get more than half for my lump sum and even more part of my monthly pension . How am I supposed to live . People can be so greedy , I have got nothing n now she wanting that !!!

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