How to avoid paying the CSA

March 14, 2011

After years of none payment and serial job hopping my ex finally found a “half decent job” or so i thought.

My ex now gets payed by an “unbrella” company which the CSA don’t seem to be able deal with. Under an umbrella company you don’t pay tax you just have things that are tax deductable because of this they are unable to work out his payment or how to input the data into the computor to get a payment. I was told by the CSA they needed guidence as to how to do this (i have been waiting 8 months) when i phone they just say they are still waiting and something may be done if i complain which i did 6 weeks ago and i’ve not had any corespodence from them.

They told my ex as its legal guidence they need it may take months or years! I used to phone every fortnight cos my case only go worked on if i rang but then you get the same rude, condecending, know it all tone or your case worker avoids talking to you even when you know they are at work.

Still i can’t help thinking my case would be sorted quicker i was on benefits and my maintanence went towards paying it.


  • Karen B says:

    I do wonder if you could be right on that as the money my ex owed, when bailiffs were involved, and charge on his house, etc., any money would first to to him and then the leftovers to me and my children, I feel that is not supporting my children but lining their pockets first and they are NOT my children!

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