How much will I pay for my children?

April 30, 2011

I have 3 children. My gross weekly income is £707 per week.

If I have another child with my current partner what will I pay in respect of my other 3 ?

For 3 children = 19% of gross weekly pay But if you have 1 new child who lives with you = 12%

Is this right ?

Or……. do I deduct 12% from my gross weekly £707, then work out 19% of the remaineder to get what my CSA payments will be for my 3 other children ? If I do it that way, I pay more than I am paying now despite having another child !!

Can anyone give me a definitive an swer please ?


  • Faye Davies says:

    I hope this helps:

    15% for one child
    20% for two children
    25% for three or more children.
    The same rates are FIRST applied to children living in the current family.

  • peter says:

    i’m in a similar situation, i’ve got 1 child and pay 15%. But my new partner is expecting my child. How much will i pay to my ex-partner is it 10%. can anyone give me the answer to this

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