How do I complain to the CSA?

July 1, 2010

In September 2008 i first got the csa involved to collect maintenance for my son. In October of the same year the application got stuck on a computer task and despite my weekly phone calls the case was not looked at until July 2009, when the case went clerical along with two other cases i have with them. In August they first wrote to my ex and did an assesment. Payments were to commence from September 2009 but due to difficult employers i did not start to recieve payments until Novemeber.

Due to the lack of speed i decided to write in a complaint Sept 2009 stating that my son had missed nearly a year of maintenance and that i wanted the csa to compensate me for this. January 2010 this complaint was first looked at and they sent me a payment of £25. I rung them straight up as the payment was just not acceptable, they told me to write and put an exact amount i wanted which i did, i was told that it should be delt with no later than 4th June, iwas later told that my complaint was never looked at and that making a complaint over the phone as well might help, so i did this and i still son’t even have a case worker looking into it.

I have phoned them 14 times in the last month, i have now got my local MP involved and this doesn’t seem to be doing anything either.



  • Karen Bedford says:

    I have to admit when I hear this its like it was for me many years ago! Also makes me laugh when I read about how much better the csa are doing now too!!

    Please join the facebook groups

    Child support agencies failings and others for support, advice, etc

    12 yrs I had and still waiting for my appeal since Mar 09 I have put the letter up on the facebook group so people can see that the appeals tribunal system is now just as crap and unworkable as the csa system!

  • j says:

    The csa are a waste of space and exist it seems only to provide work for low grade civil servants. Complain away, you will be ignored, belittled, ridiculed and ignored. (did I say that already) The csa are always right, you (we) are always wrong. Anyway, please follow the previous advice from Karen in Bedford, keep complaining. You never know.

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