How come I don’t get the child benefit and not my ex?

November 14, 2012

I have always paid my csa money on time and in full amount, but I can not understand the way it all works. I have my 3 children every Wednesday and every other weekend.

When there with me I pay for food, clothes, going out etc. When there with there mother I pay for there food, clothes, going out, etc, so how comes I’m not entitled to the child benefit !!!

The mother gets it all and is living the life of Riley, horse riding and paying no bills in a lovely 3 bed house where I struggle to pay all my bills and finding the petrol money to get to work… Something is not right but no one I speak to helps….Please someone advise me….


  • wilf says:

    Kevin:- You have the children 2 nights per week on average which is equal to 104 nights per year which means the other person has them for 260 nights per year and hence receives the child benefit.
    Make sure the CSA take into account shared care as this could mean a reduction of maintenance by 2/7 if it is not already considered.

  • Gonk says:

    Welcome to the unfair,unjust and biased world of the csa

  • Alice says:

    Child Benefit is paid to the person who is the primary carer of a child. In your case this is your ex partner, and as such she is classed as the Parent with Care and as such they are entitled to claim Child Maintenance from you. You are entitled to a shared care allowance at Bandwidth 2 (104 nights or more per year) if you are not getting this reduction (2/7th of your maintenance calculation) you need to contact the CSA and advise that you have overnight care 2 nights per week. The CSA will have to contact your ex to confirm this – if your ex states otherwise then you will both be asked to provide evidence (diary or calendars or a list of dates – if the children attend any extra curricular activities near your home on the nights you have them include these details to support your evidence) and the CSA will make a judgement on the shared care award.

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