How can you fight a liability order from the CSA?

December 14, 2009

My brother has been subject to CSA involvement for some 10 years, after his ex lied to them, stating that he had paid no maintenence (interestingly she had always insisted on cash on the advice of her mother, who works for CSA….)

A sa result, he has had ‘arrears’ which he has paid faithfully every month, and never missed a payment.  From time to time the CSA ‘reassess’ and he ends up owing more and more money, yet when he asks how they have reached the figure, he is ignored.

Most recently he was made subject of a liability order (despite always paying), and has now been told he must pay £4300 or face jail -JAIL?!!!!

I am not a parent and have no experience of the CSA, other than watching my brother and his family slowly be destroyed by the actions of the ‘agency’ and his dishonest ex partner.  Can anybody give me any advice as to what he can do?  He has a son and a wife, they have twice lost their home because they couldn’t afford it due to the crippling demands of the CSA, yet his ex partner is off on lovely overseas holidays and treating herself – hardly the point of the CSA, surely?

The injustice and total lack of organisation or accountability can surely not continue? What about the human rights of his 4 year old son, who lives in abject poverty?

Any help gratefully received!


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  1. deadbeatdad on December 14th, 2009 6:40 pm

    Hi Rich there is a way your brother can neutralise the order, and as for going to prison there is a way to stop the Magistrates dead in their tracks using one simple procedure.
    If you email us at [email protected] we will explain how it is done


  2. chall on December 20th, 2009 11:17 am

    Hi Rich,

    In order to obtain a committal the agency have to prove culpable neglect or wilful refusal, if your brother is making regular payments to the agency, neither will be applicable.

    Your brother needs to establish whether his assessments / arrears are correct, this can be done by making a request for his Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown, there’s a template letter in the download section at, please be aware that the agency now charge a £10 fee for this.

  3. nadine bown on February 15th, 2010 10:44 pm


    My Brother is in exactly the same position, to the point that he can’t afford the petrol to get to work next week. The injustice is horrific, something has to be done.

  4. steve mcgeary on February 14th, 2012 1:42 pm

    The CSA have recently sent me a court summons for a liability order for they say arrears of £46,500-.
    I have a private arrangment with my ex partner and always paid her directly on time without fail & i still pay every month with out fail.
    My 2 childeren are now adults and left home uni etc, but i will always finacialy support them as i have been.
    The CSA based thier assesment going back to 2002 as if i was a single man without responsibilities.
    I am actualy happily married with 3 other childeren living in our family home together.
    The CSA say they will recive the liability order on 21st Feb, in court and they will then take our family home, which will put my wife and i together with our 3 childeren (8years & twins 4 years) on the street. My home is also my place of work, so my income could also stop. My family and i are now counting down the days of our remaining family life together and dont know what is ahead.
    The CSA are supposed to support childeren buit they are going to put ours on the street!
    Now my ex partner has wind fall ££££ sighnes in her eyes she has stopped comunicating with me. Meanwhile i still send her my monthly private payments.
    What should we do exept jump in the river before the CSA get thier liability order £46,500- in the next week?
    I have been to CAB but no help.

  5. Keith on March 1st, 2012 7:25 pm

    I do be believe a word of these stories, the CSA are totally incompetent and I know this both as a father and the partner of a mother with son from previous marriage,

    For the situations above to happen they have been growing for years and now the CSA has got its act together the posters above are trying to cry about it.

  6. karen on May 11th, 2012 6:47 pm

    hi can i ask what has happened since ….mu hubby has just been told that the csa are getting a liability order on him for £14000 ..even though we pay £125 a week we have two kids in our house that are already going with out things …i carnt work i just get careers allowance as im caing for someone who is terminally ill ….what happens after the liability order ?

  7. kirit on November 23rd, 2012 6:54 pm

    I am in the same boat ,,I have just borrowed £3000 from my parent for a liability order taken out against me back in 2009 but as soon as it was paid they slapped me with another for £4400.00 ,,,it has given them a license to ask for whatever figure they want.

    I am about to be taken to court for this and I am going to tell those idiots the magistrates that I don`t have any money to give them and I don`t have any assets ,,so do what you wish as I will stand my ground on this matter and it is better to go to jail then pay these parasites anything as the burden and cost of keeing you inside jail will be more than what you owe them so it is better to have a holiday on Her Majesty ,,,if we don`t speak they will push you into a corner where there is no way out …stand your ground….REFUSE to pay and transfer all your belongings into your parents name or your partner then you have no assets in your name…

  8. Ant on March 30th, 2013 8:42 am

    CSA and liability orders against fathers that support their children(and some mothers)………….come on people why are we all just sitting back and letting bullies make our lives hell,we NEED to stand up to them or we need to stop complaining!!!!

  9. M J Campbell on April 3rd, 2013 12:31 am

    Yes I agree with you Ant I can tell you the full story that has happened to me.
    I am fighting the CSA all the way through English law courts and then on to The European Court of Human Rights.
    From 2007 to todays date,,
    could end a prison sentence for me!
    Martin C

  10. Allcharlie on April 2nd, 2014 3:45 am

    Any updates? How do you fight them successfully?

  11. Kol Ande on March 26th, 2019 10:11 pm

    I have been paying child support and It was taking directly from my wages started a week my son was born and the woman had a child for me and decided its best to freeze me out of the child’s life and go to CSA because l didn’t agreed with her religion or the way she planned to raise our child. The child was born in 2015 and l was paying until January 2018. When l quit my job because l can’t make ends meet all my wages has been paid to this wicked woman. I was a coach driver for 20 years never been unemployed. I called CSA to informed them that I’m no longer working but they said l have to be claiming Jobseekers before they can adjust my payments. I went to claimed jobseekers but they kept treating me like shit so l didn’t go back. I spent a year travelling and just grafting. When l came back after a year l found csa had obtained liability order for £90500 which they said is arrears of one year missed payment. This order was also obtained and my current girlfriend address had been used and l did said to them that l did not want her involved, now she is mad at me because she feared they might come and disturb her peace, my girlfriend is MS plus she didn’t like that her address was used to obtained liability order. I have no money or property they can take, but they have threatened to do all kind of bad things to my life including putting me in prison and l wonder how this will help the child they are supposed to care about and the woman, because there is no way l am going to prison and l won’t get revenge on someone. I already lost my job, my home and access to my son, now this bunch of terrorist are trying to make me insane. And they said they are only doing it so you can negotiate with them. How can you possibly negotiate with organisation that is destroying your life. I don’t want nothing to do with them and l know if l go to prison for this bullshit may god help whoever put me there, because l really have tried my best but its never enough for this dictators at CSA. How can l stop the liability order and get them to check my claim because if l am not working l should not be paying highest rate cs, but l don’t think this CSA people are normal people they can’t be!. Everything they do is evil, sadistic and mean. Sometimes l wish earthquakes will strike and destroy the lot of them. I seriously believe the only way to stop them is for everyone that this bunch of bullies are harrasing is to form third own organization and hire top lawyers to fight CSA because they breach human rights of many and put people in debt.

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