How can I tell if ex is spending CSA money on my kids?

September 26, 2015

I have been paying csa for 2 month now and I am already had enough because when I received the latter from csa I called them to explain my circumstances of how much rent I pay and what my expanses are but they told me you are responsible and you would have to pay. Also they told me that they only take income into consideration. I am now struggling to pay csa while my ex is enjoying the money. When I told my ex to provide me the prove of spending on the kids she told me she do not need to. How do I know if she is spending money on kids or not. I can understand why people quit their job it’s not fair in us who can not move on in their life because of csa. I have seen people living in single room because of csa and that is not fair because if you do over time and earn more you pay more csa.


  • Victoria says:

    She’s right she does not need to provide you with any proof you have to pay regardless. Heating, electricity, water, food, clothing, getting them to school, school uniform all come in under child maintenance…. There’s your proof right there!

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