How can I stop the CSA from taking my family’s home?

May 21, 2015

When i got divorsed from my ex wife i signed the house ove to her so our kids had some security and would not any turmoil of moving from there home, friends and school.

I was homeless living in my car and having to work and give her £50.00 per week also. i went from place to place trying to settle so never in pne place to the next. no realising that she hed contacted the csa. and that her now husband had moved into the property just as soon as i moved out.

According to the csa i owe them £19.000 in back payments. i have told them that this can not be correct but they have told me it is to late for any doubts i have on the amount this went to court and the judge has allowed them to put a charging order on the property i live in with my now partner and our 2 young kids age 7 and 5.

The court agreed to a sale of property to csa. and that would make us all homeless. i contacted the csa and offered to pay them £125 per week on a payment plan, they refused that so i had no choice but to offer them £200 per week. they agreed to this but i dont believe that i can realisticly afford that what can i do?