How can I reduce my CSA payments?

February 25, 2010

I made voluntary (BACS) payments to the mother of my daughter when she moved to a new house. This was to make the new house comfortable for my daughter. The payments were made as a loan.

I am currently suffering from financial hardships and have asked for the repayment of the loan but the mother is refusing. Can I recover this by declaring these voluntary payments to the CSA?


  • chall says:

    Hi Robbie,

    The agency can consider voluntary payments made in the period between the effective date and the calculation date. They will not consider any payments prior to their involvement.

  • nick says:

    my ex wife has just set the CSA on to me we had a private arrangement that I had struggled with but I had set up a standing order to make regular payments. However, she gave me the wrong bank details and the money didn’t get into the account. the CSA are now going to tahe £500 a month plus a further £300 a month against alleged arrears.
    I have a debt management plan and they have advised me that the arrears can be added to this is thi correct?
    the CSA are faceless monsters who will not take into account your personal circumstances and don’t listen all payments are calculted against Gross Income surely this can’t be fair?

  • michael haigh says:

    csa are telling me that on top of my weekly payments of £33 they are taking %40 of my wage..i earn very little as it is how can this be legal?

  • james says:

    the csa have started taking £48 a week from me which left me not being able to afford to live so i disbuted the amount now there taking £58 a week for the arreas while i disputed the £48 madness there monsters my hrs change from week to week so they averged my hrs at 30 a week my contrcted hrs are 16 a week so if imy hrs dropped to 16 one week id have no money what so ever this cant be legal can it ?????????

  • Anth says:

    I am in difficult situation, I have told by the CSA that I have to pay arrears after they told me I did not need to pay for past years as I had another family. I have since split with my second wife.
    The CSA are you taking 40% of my gross wage making me £10 short of my weekly bills, I have tried to discuss it but been told they just follow the rules.
    Can anyone help??

  • dan says:

    im in a situation, i contacted csa a while ago, to update my employment details. i requested they call me weekly to take £5 a week to prevent arrears, they called once, and never heard from them again. i had a call recently saying that my assessment is sorted and id be paying about £24 a wk, by deduction of earnings… OK. just got a letter claiming im £576 in arrears, so have got to pay £58.29 a week for 26 wks then £29 there after. how can i provide for 2 kids under 3, my partner who looks after them when i work and pay the rent? is there any way it can be reduced, as i know the ex works and has a new partner?? (works in care home my disabled aunt is resident, and daughter confirms new partner lives with them) csa need to take these things into account, as i feel myself 2 kids and partner are gonna end up on the street!!!

  • Lee says:

    I am paying £31 pw CSA for my son, my wage is very low and I can’t even afford all bills, I am in arrears with my rent, some days I struggle to scrape enough money together to eat. Yet my ex, who has never worked a day in her life, is happily married with another 4 kids, she has bought her home from the right to buy with her local council, she drives around in a top of the range Vauxhall Zafira VXR living the life of riley.

    The CSA are mindless thugs who really need to take in to consideration that yes, while it is our duty to support our children it is also there duty to assess the mothers financial situation and if she is living extremely comfortable like my ex then CSA payments should be reduced. I had a private agreement with the ex and she went behind my back with the CSA. My son wanted for nothing, I took him abroad every year, got him what he wanted, but since my hours were cut I can’t afford all that.

    The CSA don’t want to know about our hardships though, as long as they are lining their pockets and the mothers pockets that’s all that matters!

  • Andy says:

    I split with my ex 18 mnths ago. We came to an agreement with maintenance for my daughter, then she went to the CSA out of spite anyway!!. The CSA got the wage details they wanted and a deduction of earnings was set up. I was fine with paying at first, then my hours increased slightly at work. I notified them of a change of circumstances which took them 6 MONTHS to process!!. My payments tripled and I was informed I had built up arreers of over £200 due to their incompetance. They then informed me they could take almost half of my weekly wage until the arreers were paid!!. I said I couldnt afford that as I have bills to pay with my new partner and her son and we have a baby on the way. The words TAX CREDITS were mentioned in the conversation, and I have now been told that the CSA have investigated my income and are now including my Working Tax Credit AND my partners Child Tax Credit as part of my income as it is a joint claim!!. My payments have gone up yet again and I have MORE arreers to pay. Apparently the CSA dont ask for or include Tax Credit income as part of my weekly income, but as soon as you say the words TAX CREDITS to them on the fone, they automatically investigate you and include it!!. How the hell can they do that?!. My partner is furious as she feels both our income is paying for my child and hates the fact that my witch of an ex is pocketing our money, taking food out of her sons mouth and our baby’s while my ex and her partner both work full time and waste the money on booze. And my ex still has the balls to rant at me on the fone for more money!!. Its a joke!!. How are people suposed to live and pay their bills while the thieving CSA rob us of ludicrous amounts of money!. I hate the system!. Its broken and needs to be fixed…NOW.

  • danny says:

    the CSA say if the children stay overnight oly then is it counted as an over night stay correct i think, but if you have the children from 8am till 10pm you have in there eyes not had them the law is an arse and surley this should be changed or the parent who normaly has majorioty carecan abuse te system and penalise the other parent by letting them have the children all day feed them entertain them etc and then just put them to bed and take the money and run so to speak , love to know what every one else thinks??? needs changing dont you think??

  • smith j says:

    i split with my ex wife years back and we have two children lives with her and one lives with me.i have to pay her 180 a month and she has to pay me 20 a month! how is this fair? we have one child each it just dont make sense

  • Richard says:

    I work 29 hours a week on min wage (£6.70/hr) csa want nearly £70/week to cover weekly and arrears which they have fabricated from money they tried to claim but couldn’t because I wasn’t earning enough and when I was off sick on ssp(£88.70/week) I can’t afford to buy food so have to go to food bank. Ex is ‘re married had more kids and living in a massive house I live in a room in someone else’s house been single for over 8 years because I can’t date anyone can’t afford and don’t trust anyone anymore no friends no social life don’t see my kids what’s the point? I’d rather be just another statistic!

  • Mike says:

    My x won’t let me pay her monthly off £160 now csa is taking £522 a month I have 4 kids I need feed. I feel like what is point going work for nothing. I would love to pay plus be able to live pay my other dets that our getting bigger by the minute. Csa saying they can’t do nothing or take Inconsideration what I bring home not what I Earn is joke is there anyone could help me

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