How can I pay back overpayments when I don’t work?

March 28, 2013

13 years of hell trying to track down ex and helping the csa to find him .After endless balifs and two Liability Orders and eventually after 13 years of trying to get him to pay something even anything the csa go for a committal order and sudenly after that he pays what the courts and csa have said he must pay even though he Refused to give the csa any financial information.

A month later the csa said he had sudenly found ten years of self employed accounts and when they have worked on these accounts it could work out that i might have to pay some money back.

What the hell can i do i cant pay i dont work as i am a house wife looking after my 18 mounth old and we are on benafits its not my fault he might have payed to much the cas and court who did the Committal Order should have been more carfull to get the payment right.

All the time and money it must have cost to get this man to pay for his sons is a wast of time. I feel realy stressed, upset, very worried, and stupid. I wish i had never botherd.



  • Smithy says:

    Try crossing your leg’s next time as you blatantly can’t afford to pay for these kids so why do you expect others to give you charity through child benefit etc etc. Get a job and stop winning about how hard you have it, you choose to go through with the pregnancy take some responsibility for your own choices.

  • heather says:

    Hey boys did’ant count on the kids getting a fraudulent father who wont even see them and rather go on holiday than his kids birthday party and yes i know fathers have a right to a life to but so do his kids your not all good you know .guess you have been bitten by thr csa too.

  • heather says:

    Thanks child support agency hell
    came on here for help not a load of angry dads who need there own problems delt with.

  • carol says:

    So you HOUNDED a man for 13 years via the gestapo that the CSA are, I bet you werent interested in his circumstances, or whether he had a new family.

    sorry, but if you are on benefits, you are looked after by the state, I know its not great, and I bet you would rather work for your income, but I dont see how you cannot afford to eat unless you have taken out so many loans to buy things with.

    All in all, this was never about facilitating a deep and meaningful relationship between your son and your ex, whilst asking for reasonable support from your ex, it was very clearly only about the money. And it turns out you owe him…oh thats priceless….

    I do feel for your son though that he has lost knowing his father, your ex may or may not have been different had you not hounded him, sometimes it swings that way, but greed has scored an own goal in this instance.

  • carol says:

    and from her own mouth folks “I am a house wife and WE are on benefits”

    so…a couple both on benefits, hoping for that juicy pay out from the nrp. Bet they were prepared to let the csa take the nrp to court and be forced to stump up what he couldnt afford without any compassion. I am not implying anything with regards to either of them being on benefits because our benevolent dictator government screwed employment, but I still wouldnt dare have the nerve to try and use the csa to extract money through force from another, then whine when the tables are turned.

  • carol says:

    and heather, you say your ex is fraudulent, we shall all have to take your word on that and not question why you think that it seems, and just assume that you mean because he is self employed and you now could owe him (isnt it sooo unfair) He went on holiday, I take it when it was your sons birthday….not saying I support that, but from what you have written, and the one sided tone to it, I am not arsed tbh…..NRPs are actually entitled to take holidays for reasons known to them, even if it coincides with their childs birthday, whether you or I agree with that. But I am willing to bet there was more to it than what you make out.

    Your payments if you owe him wont last 20 years like some nrp’s on here. It will be a temporary outlay, and you can get on with your life, get a job hopefully and make it work. Nrp’s on otherhand, are treat like scum, forced below poverty line until their child is 20 and sometimes beyond that Ive read.

    You have got off pretty lightly considering

  • Lisa says:

    Its about time in fairness the tables turned, it might have seemed that your ex wasnt paying when in actual fact he couldt afford to pay, you took his money and spent it, you should be able enough to budget and pay it back, your living it up at other people expense, ie the taxpayer, stop bloody wingeing and do the right thing,pay back what you owe

  • Lisa says:

    This is another example of a mum pushing for a commital to prison order, so you would have seen your ex been thrown inside for something you assumed he owed??? Why can you and your partner not work like your ex does, he might not earn a lot but he still works so in actual fact he is paying you twice through CSA and his income tax, so unfair whichever way you look at it, no wonder he didt want to see his kids, have you ever thought how they are feeling right now, knowing there mum has chased there dad away, well done,

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