How can I ensure my CSA payments are used for my daughter

December 6, 2011

My ex and I have been separated/divorced for seven years, I paid maintenance via csa for my three children, now two have left home I only pay for my youngest 16 year old daughter via csa (I give some money directly to my older children to help them through Uni). Over the years I have been concerned whether the payments I made was being spent on my children and not on my ex’s child from her new partner.

She gives nothing to my daughter for her bus fees or lunches whilst at college and no pocket money otherwise so she can treat herself or buy present for others at Christmas.

My daughter cannot find a part time job to earn anything for herself and her mother doesn’t help either. If I was the resident parent I would be giving some money and more help to my daughter.

How can I make my ex give some of the maintenance to my daughter, or can I reduce my csa payments and give it to her myself?


  • terry norris says:

    sadly mate
    you cant and furthermore if you contact the csa and ask them? the answer you will get is “its not our problem how or who the money is spent on” ,they do not give a shit.Its so wrong that they force us like criminals to pay this unjust,unfair money using the kids as a smoke screen to get,they couldnt give a toss about the welfare of the kids the monies are intended for because they are only interested in clawing back any money at all that they pay out in benifits to the single mother scroungers who fall pregnant just to get free housing and all the benifits under the sun along with the loser fathers of those kids who go round making one girl after another pregnant and avoiding his responcibility to pay for that child.So it all comes down to mugs like you and I mate whom the csa see as easy targets because we believe in paying for our children fairly…fairly I said and not screwed by these dogs as we are…the csa exist to put money back into the treasury for what it has to pay out to all the lazy scumbags that dont want to work for a living.
    THEY DO NOT CARE HOW OR WHO OR WHAT your money is spent on….but you can be sure if it was the other way round? they’d want,infact insist knowing where and how its spent.
    good luck

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