Hounded by CSA for large sum of money

November 29, 2011

My husband is being hounded by the csa for a very large sum, Which they claim he owes yet they have no proof what-so-ever of any earnings. They have worked out their figures based upon the say so of his ex wife. When my husband was initially contacted by the csa he did everything correctly all forms was completed and evidence of income submitted. At this time he was registered unemployed and forwarded the relevant paperwork as proof.

The reason he was unemployed is that his ex caused many problems with his boss at the time of their separation and as a result he was asked to leave the company. despite this and the csa being told repeatedly of the situation they continued to pursue him for a ridiculous amount which he has never been in a position to afford.

All of this was 15 years ago, the ‘children’ are aged between 25 and 31 and have families of their own, they have never wanted for anything, whatever those children wanted or needed they got from their father/me as it was usually me in work and we have never had much money I even cashed in all my own personal insurance policies in order to ensure his children got christmas presents while my own had to go without.

Anyhow all that aside the csa are at it again,only this time they are harassing his employer with letters and phone calls I am frightened that having finally got work he will be fired due to the harassement, his boss has already complained to him about it. Surely what the csa are doing is illegal, they are demanding money with menaces as far as i see it and with no genuine proof to the claim. Can someone please help with this we have nowhere else to turn


  • janet says:

    They do not harass the work place they ask for proof of earnings as the csa are now with dwp they can get earnings from years ago if your husband was unemployed for 15 years I’m sure they can prove this however if the ex was claiming benifits that’s why they are chasing it

  • janet says:

    Ring the csa and ask for the file to see where they got income from I cannot see them asking ex wife

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