High CSA payments mean I might have to quit work!

April 16, 2021

I split with my wife jan 2020, first 4 months I gave her 180 for my 2 sons. Then lockdown happened and I was furlonged and also lost my shift allowance in work.

We were on speaking terms then and because I took them out everyday and treated them she agreed that was fine as she didn’t need it as her social life was zero. I then lost my job then got another one as a keyworker. I immediately got my own little place for me and my 2 sons. I work everyday Monday to Friday then I have the boys Fri, Sat and Sunday night. I clothe, Feed them and make sure they have the usual things. The ex has never asked for money and we have always said if the enevitable split did happen we woukdnt go down this route.

She has a new bloke how is moving in with her after 6 months so she will loose her universal credit.

Seems like I’m the cash cow.

She has them the 4 nights during the week. I cant as I work shifts and it woukd mean them being on their own which I woukd never do.

And she has everyweekend free to do whatever. She never calls or text the boys. Out of sight out of mind.

So I’ve been hit by the csa for just over 500 per month. I earn 1600 a month. After my rent, car (which I need to get to work) bills, petrol, food cloths im just about getting by without this CSA payment.

Do they listen though? No.

Its no wonder there is so much mental issues and suicides.

I have to probably quit work as its just not possible to pay.

It all seems unfair and it seems there’s no help whichever way you turn.


  • Bubbles says:

    Have you used the cms calculator online to begin with? £500 per month for 2 children is high on £1600 pm unless there is arrears?

  • Adam says:

    Go to your MP and explain the situation and ask them to write to the CMS on your behalf.

    This is a true example of how the CMS really don’t care about the ‘children’ never mind about the welfare of those mothers and fathers who have to deal with them.

    You have the children on an circa 40% basis its almost an absurdity you are required to pay anything over and above what you do to simply put a roof over your head (and theirs) and maintain a normal lifestyle.

    As I mentioned speak with the MP and ask him or her to address this for you, for fear of detriment to your health and wellbeing stay strong and good luck.

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