Have to pay CSA to a stranger for MY daughter

August 8, 2011

Please please help.

I am a mother in total distress. I am a single parent looking after my son and daughter while getting maintenace for my children as the standard amount. The issue is my daughter who was still at school then ran away from home around six months ago. She went to stay with her friend at the time until her friends parents came back from holiday. Not once has the woman brought her back home saying you must go home. As this woman claims all the benefits going and works 16 hrs a week she has now taken my benefits for one child, now i have had a letter saying i have to pay maintenance to this total stranger out of the blue.

What are my rights as the csa say i have no rights and need to pay up 37 pounds a week or an attatchment of earnings. I will have give up where i live and me and my son have nowhere to go.

She is 16 and left school and potentially enrolling in a college course. I feel alone on this. My daughter work 16 hrs in a local shop with the woman who has in my eyes not brought my daughter back but used her as a money magnet for benefits. The whole family know how to find the loopholes.I can not afford the payments to pay for a daughter that this women is keeping.The police said they cant make her come home,the school say they cant do anything,and social services wont help. Please please asap can anyone shed some light?


  • Karl Garrett says:

    now you know what it’s like being a male NRP…sucks doesn’t it. It’s not fair, not right, but thats the way it is.

    If you like me, you’ll end up living in a shed, whilst the “other” lives the high life….

    such is life.

    p.s I get raped for 700+ per month, not including the Official reciever, which takes another 300, just for the priveladge of going bankrupt due to the divorce. Being a bloke is crap…get screwed every time.

    best you can do is go unemployed..then you’ll be ok.

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