Harrassed by the CSA

October 11, 2011

I have found since I done a DNA and paying CSA that all of my email accounts are being hacked into and the mother and Step-Father appears to know more about me via my family and now going through my friends too so they can SPY ON ME. I am being treated like an escaped paedophile where I am seeing my own daughter with reluctance instead of with compassion.

It appears that a man must be FORCED to se his own child whether he wants to ;or not and see the Mother of his child whether he wants to ;or not. What rights do men have to refuse to see either if we are paying CSA and done a DNA. There are no laws where men ought to see their kids if they don’t want to;or vice versa.

My Daughters family along with my family are driving me to suicide. I am aware that the mother is using messages sent to her via FACEBOOK and that whoever sends her messages are not always about what they are up to but more or less who I am seeing, what I am doing and spying on me. Where are my so called RIGHTs in this argument.


  • Bob says:

    Man you need to grow up a little. I think it should be law that if there is a child they deserve the right of involvement from both parents unless there is a welfare/safeguarding issue and equally that both parents have a right to their child written into law.

    It should also be written into law that there should be penalties relating to:
    – Contact being blocked by the mother
    – Contact being a legal requirement of both parents with penalties

    Many in society particularly the 600,000 people assessed as nil to pay through the CSA should really not be having kids if they are expecting the state to pick up the tab for the nearing 1,000,000 children these 600,000 have had who many cannot afford to support.

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