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    I too have been sent a bill for £4k. This is due to the parent being on benefits and the secretary of state was paying her the csa money.
    I have had to dig into it where they have got this from. The CMS just told me tough you owe £4k and that’s it.They have sent me no proof or anything.
    I have rung the CSA and every body I could think of. The CSA told me they know nothing of this as their records closed in 2008 and they have nothing from before that anymore. I have now been told they think it is somewhere between 1995 and 2000.
    They still cannot offer any evidence why they paid, I don’t even understand why they paid as I was paying the mother direct every week.
    They have asked for letters and Bank statements for proof.
    How many people keep letters from 1995- 2000.
    The csa case has been closed since 2014 and yet now they decide to send me a bill for £4K without proof.
    Makes you proud to be British when your own Government screw you over.

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