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Finally a breakthrough!


10 years of hell from the csa and finally made a huge breakthrough !!!!!!!!

the CSA take a huge amount out of my wage each week directly through work and threaten my boss that they must do as they say and pay them the amount they ask for. my problem has been that they do schedules for my works and every new schedule after a few months includes a few hundred pounds of arrears added on even though i have no arrears (comfirmed by csa) WHERE DO THESE COME FROM.

I have asked for a breakdown, gone through my solicitor, gone through my Mp in the house of commons, finally an explanation. every time they do a new schedule of assessment, the payments from my works which is a month behind get added on as arrears even though they get this payment a week later. when they recieve the months payment they do not knock it back off as it is spread over the schedule as arrears, thus getting that batch of payments twice. Genius. the csa are ripping of people everywhere taking double payments. if this is not old news please let the uk know asap.

6 thoughts on “Finally a breakthrough!

  1. You say your employer has to pay CSA directly, therefore I assume there is a DEO? Did that get forced on you as well? They seem to enjoy engineering otherwise-compliant NRPs into non-compliance, seemingly for the hell of it.

  2. What a great story. Hope you get back every penny you’ve overpaid to the scum. You might even get the pathetic £50 they offer in compensation.

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