Ex’s lies to CSA have broken my heart

September 27, 2014

I have been going to court for 5 yrs now my last 3 days ago i can say its put an emotional strain on my life and is a unpleasant experience and no father should have to go through.

From day one my ex didn’t even tell me she was pregnant then at court for the first time she wouldn’t let me see my daughter only in a contact centre which i was sickened by as i had to pay £75 to see my own daughter that was money i didnt really have.

Then dna wasn’t disputed at court only she disputed it 6 mths later when i passed criminal record check and then drug test i passed every test there is she had nothing on me and never will either for that matter she was putting a wedge between me and my daughter making things as difficult as possible, even attended mediation the ex tried to be nice but after leaving and she gone home back to old ways!

The ex was always anxious when handing over my daughter knowing my daughter pick up the bad vibe from mum and so didn’t want to go, i was always accused for various things even had the police calling me claiming i hit my daughter i was mortified and sick to the stomach apparently there was a bruise on her bum she however did not have a bruise in my care and i took her to the park that day so she must on plomped down on the equipment to get the bruise my ex said my daughter said daddy smack bum.

I was shocked but her false allegations and and im no scientist but to get a bruise something hard would have to be used a smack however be a red mark i pointed that out to the police and there was insuffiently evidence to say i hit my daughter and case was dismissed with the police, on another occasion my ex accused me of sedating my daughter claiming i gave her too much calpol i was even more mortified and there was no evidence and she was not in my presence i gave exactly what it said on the bottle by the time sahe was due more she was back at home with mum.

I have even been accused of giving my daughter upset stomach i was like are you mad!! i gave her healthy food and not the junk mummy gives her and to get an upset stomach may occur from nite before dinner or morning breakfast but not in my care for a mere few hours, the court intructed us to attend PIP parent information programme i attended both sessions she went to just one.

I was shocked and asked why her solicitor replied she couldn’t get child care what utter rubbish she has a huge family to ask, but then its eveidence that the ex is a compulsive liar we had a child phycologist to assess everything she came to my home first i asked tio ask my ex why she didn’t go to 2nd PIP session she stated she didn’t need parenting skills oh my god see what a liar.

I feel my rights and as a father role been taken away from me at court the judge took her side and no contact is now taking place fathers should have the same rights as mothers the justice system has gone right out the window and my daughter has been poisoned by her mother wheres the justice of not seeing your child for lengths on end.

I have already gone a year without seeing her which ripped my heart out which is what she recommended at court as to let her grow up abit and mature and hopefully not be mummyfied all the time and now my daughter has been erased out of my life because of a vile ex.

I strongly beleive as well as other fathers out there that if your ex doesn’t let you see your child they should be scrapped of csa money because its wrong that we pay and we dont see our children while the ex laughs at getting our money i like to point out the ex gets child benefit thats whats pays for them why do they need in alot of men whos story i read on here have a huge chunk of there wages taken away when they dont see there children its wrong because the ex gets all the luxury with that money not for the child at all because thats utter bolloxs.

If anyone says it goes on the child i know people who get csa and its massive sums and there on hols with that money do you think thats right its time us fathers stand up and be counted for our children why should we be deprived of seeing our children and taken to the cleaners for our money why do we have to be the victim and our child brainwashed why do we have to wait for a knock on the door from our children thats wrong.

Ive kept all my paper work and txs to show my child when older and she can see what crap i went through all the fighting i did to see her. i hope the law thats in USA comes out here in UK where as if your ex doesn’t let you see your child you get sent to prison that teach the b*tches a lesson, children need there dads too.


  • King Canute says:

    I’m afraid Peter Brown’s accurate summary (above) will ring true with so many.

    You better toughen up, both mentally & physically… and it’s a long fight too. Above all, don’t trust anyone at the CSA – they will side with the mother every time. They will lie to you to your face… and they will cheat you out of any money they can snatch.

    Don’t expect just because you have kept evidence, you will be proven innocent and you will be forgiven. It doesn’t work like that.

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