Ex won’t take calls and CSA bankrupting me!

October 15, 2021

I split from my ex over 3 years ago, and have been paying £300 a month for my 3 kids. I walked away from the majority of the property we shared, taking a £12k payment off her and giving her and my kids the remaining £210k.

She has now sold the house and moved into a new property (£250k). My ex has never asked for any more money from me, but I’ve just had a letter from CMS saying they have now put in place an order to take the money straight from my employer. I live in a rented property with my new partner, and we hoped at some point we’d be able to save up enough to buy our own house, I doubt this is going to happen now.

The order (with the 20% I have to pay them) works out to just short of £600 per month. I don’t know how I’m going to cope, this will leave me with about £100 a week for food. My ex will only allow me to have my kids fri-sun every other weekend. I’ve asked her if she will accept direct pay again, but she is now ignoring my messages, so looks like I will have to just accept the 20% fee they charge me.

I’d rather my kids had this money, and happy to consider paying more, but how the hell and I going to live????? I’ve got to speak to CMS on Monday, but I’m not too hopeful


  • Jake paul says:

    Don’t pay it don’t work don’t give a fk when the CSA ress as kids you don’t give a shit or are out of work theyl leave you alone
    Go self employed she won’t get anything then at the end of the day though they’re your kids but it sounds to me like there her way of extracting cash
    I’ve been in both ends kids now live with me
    Hang in there time has a way of working things out play the system don’t let it kill you

  • Jay Will says:

    Let us know what happens I’ll be calling them on Monday too 1st November 2021 Marcia Ann keeps calling me everyday.

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