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Ex using CSA to threaten my family

I am at present living with my partner as well as her 15yr old son and our two children of six and one we are also expecting another child in may 2013, my problem is i have a estranged daughter of 14 yrs old.

I used to see her roughly 8 years ago and i paid her mother money each week but her mother is the type of person who has to be involved in everything and is very evil and argumentative so the visits stopped and she ended up meeting someone and having another child.

My daughter wants no contact with me although she has contact with my parents and sisters so it got to the point were we all agreed that her mother did’nt want my money,my daughter wanted nothing to do with me and my partner did’nt want me to have anything to do with my daughter or her mother because it was causing really bad arguments as my daughter was in and out of our kids lives and it was causing upset for them too.

It stayed like that for a lot of yearstill about 6 month ago when she had a big bust up with her partner (father of her son)split up with him and decided to take us both to csa, i do work but i besides my daughter now have two sons one stepson my partner and a baby on the way so after a lot of bickering she agreed to accept £200 on the 28th of every month which went smoothly till the payment was late one month then she brought csa back into it.

Again she dropped csa but is passing messages on through my mother threatening what she is going to do if i let her down again also she is torturing my family with her constant messages saying i owe her a extra £100 because of a extra two weeks.

I have tried with my mums help to try to explain to her that the agreement was for the 28th of each month so there cant be a extra week or two because the agreement started in may and the 1st £200 was paid on the 28th of may and the28th of each following month so please could you tell me who is right Thank you??

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