Ex spent maintenance on drugs and tattoos

January 16, 2011

I split with my ex after finding out she was humping her ex behind my back. We lived in a flat (which i paid for everything out of my redundancy money). She has a kid from a previous relationship (which she is getting csa maint for)that went sour. Later after the split i found out that she previously got married,moved to New Zealand,got caught humping her husbands brother so he kicked her out and she came back to England. Anyway, we were an item, got tricked into having a child,when i said i didn’t want any. One thing led to another, split up,was paying her maintenance every week (she wouldn’t give me receipts). Found out she was spending money on drugs, girls nights out and tattoos so stopped paying maintenance. One thing led to another, csa got involved, i wasn’t working at the time.

Got so despondent of not working and going down dole office so went self employed. Unfortunately due to recession blah blah i cannot find work so thinking of going back on dole, haven’t much choice really. When i had work i made sure i had money to see me through the lean times and now that’s run out. Going back to my ex, I have discovered she has married again,had another 2 kids from him (don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out why, being she would have to actively look for a job when any child gets to the age of 6 i think) What makes matters worse, i think she has just moved into a council house a few roads away.

There, she got what she always wanted, a bigger house from the state,no work,sit on her arse and partying and just let the csa money come flooding in.By the way, iv’e also been told her hubby doing work on the side for her dad.

By the way, I had asked my ex to set up trust fund or bank account for our child but she refused, I WONDER WHY!!!!!


  • Alice says:

    sorry to hear your story, unfortunately the CSA are obliged to pay the parent with care and trust that they spend the money on the upbringing of the child. If your ex is spending her maintenance money on drugs and such then the csa can’t help. You might want to consider approaching social services or family court to try to obtain full time care of your child

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