Ex refuses DNA test, not sure if I am the father

June 12, 2011

I split with my girlfriend in september. We have a 2 year old son. She has always refused to have me on the birth certificate and has told me on several occasions whilst drunk that i am not the dad. But when sobar denies this.

She wants payment off of me for our boy which i have agreed to, but she is denying me access or a dna test which i have asked for countless times.

She is on incapaicty benefit and has 2 other children which are not mine for certain.

If i do this through the csa, which she be made to do a dna test and then will i have more rights in court for access. Also how much money will she directly recieve considering she is on benefits. I’m roughly earning 550 pound every two weeks.. I just want to know what she will recieve as i know some of the money she will not get due to being on benefits?

Will i have more rights to access and what if she refuses a dna test? I have not paid anything so far as i am unsure i am the dad and she is refusing to prove other wise. If i could have email regarding some advice on this, that would be great.

Many thanks, Kevin.


  • anthony stanley says:

    I think you will find that every penny they take from you will go to your ex.
    they dont stop anything if they are on benefits as i know.
    my ex has been milking the sytem for ten years and still gets money from me.
    what i would like to know is what are the csa getting out of it as they take nothing like they used to

  • shane says:

    hi i split from my ex partner in march-april time she is pregnant and i found out she cheated on me with another two blokes wen i asked her for dna she said i can but wen we split she told me baby aint mine and i carnt have a dna test i was just wondering if there is a way to get a dna test done to find ov if childs myn thanx shane

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