Ex refused contact so we didn’t pay

August 31, 2011

My husband and I have been paying csa payments for 3 years now inc arrears that had accrued while we refused to pay his ex as she would not allow contact. Contact recently began back and since speaking with the ex, it has come to light that apparently, as far as she is concerned the arrears were paid up to date back in Aug 2010 so she receives £151 a month now. However, we are still paying £283 which is taken direct from my husbands salary. 2 years ago I worked out what arrears we would be due and I was positive we were paying way over (we are due to continue paying arrears until March 2013) and my husband phoned and got a copy of the arrears and how they were worked out which was very confusing but we just assumed we had worked it out wrong.

My husband will be phoning them tonight. Any suggestions as to what has happened? Is it more likely she is lying although she would be stupid to do so as all it takes is a phone call to prove it or is it more probable the csa has screwed up?


  • mark says:

    i am in a similar position , my ex has not allowed contact to take place , as what was agreed upon in court after me pursuing her for contact to the tune of 7000 £!!!!!!!!!!!! she has told lie after lie and after myself been in court today for apparently not making payments which was agreed with the last time , the csa ,s lawyer is also my exs lawyer and surely there is a conflict of interest here !!!! i have been paying since we were last in court on a weekly basis inc of arrears yet the lawyer wanted a custodial sentence bestoed upon me !!!!!! seems to me the lawyer in question hasnt done his homework and only took the word of a lying cheeting , nasty peice of work!!, however a humble joiner was some what a winner on the day !!! only sad out of all of this i still dont my kids !!

  • mark says:

    even if you have over payed their computer system does not have the ability to wipe off “debts”. What happens is the “debt” is put in a holding account and it comes back to bite you in the arse a decade and a half later.
    You need to get this sorted as soon as possible as your overpayment will just be held by the csa.
    Do not trust the csa’s ability to count either, I have seen them have five goes at the same assesment and come up with five answers (ranging from £15 to £79 per week)

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